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Attack on GHQ, Rawalpindi

Eight terrorists attacked the General Head Quarters of Pakistan army, GHQ as it is known as, in Rawalpindi this morning at about 11:30 am. Four of terrorists were killed and two arrested.

According to the latest news a member of ”Amjad Faruqi Group” of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in a call made to the office of a prominent news channel has claimed the responsibility of the attack on GHQ. The person has told that they demand:
1-     Halt of operation in northern areas
2-     Accountability of former President Pervez Musharraf
3-     Return of black water and,
4-     Closure of Western NGOs

The question is that are these really the motives behind the attack? Clearly even the perpetrators would have known that the attack will have no more than a symbolic value. The question is who benefits from this symbolic attack.

The prime and the first suspects in any incident is the one who benefits. So who benefits here? The answer is all those who want to undermine the authority, security and repute of Pakistan as a state and country? All those who want to see and portray Pakistan as a weak country which has become a hub of terrorism; not to help us uproot this menace but to use it for their own nefarious designs.

Soon after the news of the attack on GHQ, people have already started linking up the attack with the ongoing issue of the Kerry Lugar bill. Particularly the attack on Army headquarters has given an opportunity to relate it with the reservations shown by army on the KL bill. The attack has definitely relegated the ongoing discussion and debate on KL bill to a secondary position.

But is it a part of the series of the terrorist activities, starting again? Or is it one off target specific attack?

The attack has raised questions which are pertinent and must be answered. The possible answer as to what can be the motive of this attack may be:
§         To distract the attention  and take the Kerry Lugar Bill off the news media
§         To portray this incident as a cause of security lapses of Pakistan, strengthening its image as an unstable state
§         To infer it as a response to the reservations of Army on the KL bill

Why American interests or personal have not been targeted ? How come TTP is suddenly interested in musharraf’s accountability?  Why did they not target ‘Blackwater’?

We want u 2 tell us what do u think?

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