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Multiple Attacks in Lahore- 14 killed

Dawn 15-10-2009

LAHORE: Terrorists attacked three buildings across Lahore, leaving at least 10 people dead and at least 10 have been injured, officials told DawnNews.

A group of terrorists attacked the Manawan Police Academy, a building of the Federal Investigation Agency and the Elite Police training institute on Bedian road almost simultaneously.

‘Different group of attackers have attacked and tried to enter two police training centres in Lahore. We now have three near-simultaneous attacks against police facilities,’ Lahore police official Kamran Ahmad told AFP.

Another police official, Mohammad Yasin, said that four to five men had tried to storm the office of the FIA.

‘Initial reports say two of them were shot dead,’ he said.

‘However two or three managed to enter in the building where FIA and other employees were working,’ Yasin said, adding it was unclear if they had taken people hostage.

Police officials told DawnNews that the attack on the FIA building killed seven people, four of whom were government employees while one police soldier was also killed. The operation has now been called off and security officials are clearing out the building.

At the Manawan Police Academy, at least ten terrorists are still inside the building and an exchange of fire with security is still going on. Two people have been killed at the Academy, while seven people are injured.

Terrorists also attacked the Elite Police Institute in Bedian, where at least seven people are critically injured, while the security forces are still engaged in an exchange of fire with the terrorists.

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