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Waziristan will be the Qabristan: One country – One Law

This duel in Waziristan will be a Qabristan (graveyard). This is an oversimplification. The only intrigue here is whose Qabristan – the Army’s or the fanatics’? ……

The average Pakistani is caught between existence and survival……..

Where are the politicians who promise him law and order and access to education and affordable prices for daily needs?……

If the fanatics win, all hope is lost. You lose. I lose. Pakistan loses.

By temporal on baithak@blogspot.com

The Battle for Pakistan

Rising violence, targeted and random, has become a fact of life in Pakistan today. It threatens the country’s political and economic future—and there still does not appear to be a strategy to stop it. The fledgling civilian government, composed of a weak coalition of opportunistic parties, has conceded to the military responsibility …….    The latest military campaign in South Waziristan, launched Saturday, is a good example of the disconnect between the government and the military……. That is where the civilians need to step in. To date, they have been largely absent…………….  female literacy is no more than 3%. Most of the so-called youth bulge there, some 300,000 people aged 16 to 25, is unemployed…

By Shuja Nawaz on http://online.wsj.com/

A New Battle Begins in Pakistan

Despite serious reservations, Pakistan’s military at the weekend began an all-out offensive against the Pakistani Taliban and al-Qaeda in the tribal areas on the border with Afghanistan……..  In preparation for the assault,the army made ceasefire deals with several influential Taliban warlords who run large networks against coalition troops in Afghanistan……

Saleem Shahzad in Asian Times

Pride & Prejudice

Where are the schools, hospitals, a welfare system, political stability, a robust democracy, a healthy economy, and a life free of sectarian and religious strife, bigotry, bloodshed and hatred? We are all prisoners of certain delusions—about ourselves and about the many countries that we believe are constantly scheming against us. We refuse to free ourselves from these paranoid, self-serving apparitions and yet we demand sovereignty from the nefarious designs of our many (largely imagined) enemies. The enemy is us.

By Nadeem Paracha in Dawn [smoker’s corner]

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