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How Do People of Pakistan reply? Lets March on Them

The twin suicide blasts in Islamic International University in Islamabad has resulted in the killing of five people today. At first glance the attack leaves one puzzled and confused as to the motive of the attackers.

Why Islamic University? Why Hijaab clad girls?

But stand back and reflect for a moment and it all becomes crystal clear. The message is loud and plain.

If the terrorists can target the Abaya and  naqab wearing women in the Islamic University, then they can kill anyone, at any point.

Its a loud warning shot to the People of Pakistan.

They have shown once again that their main strategy is to maim and kill ruthlessly.

The purpose is to cause fear and expand this fear deliberately so that it acts as a restraint from daily life to critical decision making. It is to traumatize, pressurize and psychologically terrorize people, by creating pain, anguish, remorse, anger and fear.

For a terrorist morality of an act is not justified by consequences but by motivations.

This act is a clear attempt to make the people succumb to the ways of the terror and paralyze them. By targeting sense of security and hope of ordinary citizens the terrorists have raised the heat by a notch. The fear and terror of being hurt or killed is even more destructive than the actual killing itself.

Another purpose might be to create public opinion and pressure against the ongoing Army operation in lawless Waziristan.

So how are people of Pakistan going to reply ?

Can the ‘democratic government’ stop the hope and faith of people from dying?

Can the political parties unite to destroy the enemies of salamti (Islam)?

Do the religious political parties have any clear stance about terrorism or have the courage to reveal it?

Is anyone going to start a Million March or Dharnaa March ?

Zardari ? Gilani ? Sharifs ? Aitezaaz ? Ali Kurd? Imran? Qazi?

Anyone ?

Or are we going to simply shut our doors, stay in and wish it would all to go away.

No Sirs. We must act.

We must send a message to the terrorists- loud and clear.

We must continue with our daily lives. We must March together.

March on ‘Waziristan’.


  1. Aamir Habib says

    We need to take action and put a clear Mark on who is enemy inside…..

  2. Jabalultariq says

    Well, its yet another wake up call, I dont know how many trains we have missed while we sat at the train station doing nothing, this time, I hope not , if we dont hop onto the next train, the roof of train station is going to fall, I totally agree with the article, where are the alarm bells, I know Army will never sound them, that will give a wrong messsage, how about our drunken leaders in high palaces and mansions, busy counting there “hard-earned” wealth or middle-class who think after each disaster “thanks god I am safe”. The sittuation seems very grim !!

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