Month: November 2009

Pakistan’s last refuge

Originally published in ‘The Nation’ this article sums up the sheer exasperation quietly expressed by Pakistanis of all walks of life. The article is titled An Open Letter to Allah. “….Pakistan is run by the three A’s – namely Army, America and Allah…Out of a choice of writing open letters to General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, President Barack Obama or You, I decided I had the best chance of being heard by You because, and I quote from Your Book: ‘I comply with the call of the caller when he calls me’” “As a country we are in such a bind. Depression surrounds us as we fight an enemy that we cannot even see. We fight an enemy that has unclear reasons for doing what they are doing. We are stuck with a leadership who, for the foreseeable future and even if it changes face, will always put themselves first. Their own security, their perks and privileges, their wealth and acquisitions. They constitute a club which we, the ordinary citizens, cannot break.” “Ever since You gave …

The Taliban Mindset

  By Dr. Khalil Ahmad In order to secure constitutional protection for Muslims, the Muslim League argued in separatist language on the basis of a different religious identity. However, as the Congress would not budge on the issue, the Muslim League went ahead with its demand for Pakistan. Thus, the constitutional issue was merged into a religious issue. Naturally when Pakistan came into being, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah found himself facing a dilemma: the Muslim League had been using the rhetoric of separate religious identity and now he wanted to make the new homeland a religiously neutral state as is evident from his speech of August 11, 1947. That it could not happen, and the controversy lives to this day, proves that.


The full text of Balochistan package as presented in Parliament on Nov 24, 2009. PREAMBLE “CONSCIOUS, that the Provinces have a sense of depravation, in the political and economic structures of the Federation; RECALLING, that the provisions of the 1973 Constitution in particular relating to the Federation – Province relationship have been circumvented; STATING that the financial assistance given by the present federal government in terms of Rs. 4.6 billion PSDP support, Rs. 2.8 billion paid as arrears of royalty for Uch – pending since 1995, Rs. 17.5 billion overdraft of Balochistan written off, realizing that this is not a substitute to provincial autonomy;

What Becomes of Us

This post  by Rafiq Durrani was originally published on TeethMaestro Look at this picture, this is a child labeled as IDP (internally displaced person) living currently in a make shift camp without proper basic living conditions e.g. food, water, sanitation. He doesn’t have fear in his eyes, even though it could well be that his family died during air raids by his own country’s air force or shelling by army tanks of his nation’s army or if spared by all that then by a drone attack of our biggest ally or may be they survived but this kid still must have seen a lot of carnage and so would have all the other kids of his age around him. We are fighting this war for a some time now and it seems to be in the pipeline for a few more so we are talking about a whole generation being raised in such conditions with atrocities being committed all around them. To me it seems like we are running a Taliban production center ourselves or …

An inept response

Babar Sattar The Pakistan-based Taliban’s indiscriminate religion-inspired war against the state in concert with other terror groups poses a threat that no one really knows how to deal with. The war raging in our tribal areas as well as our cities is multi-pronged and has ideological, strategic, political, socio-economic and legal dimensions. The declared strategy of the Pakistani government toward this war is to take the security operation underway to its logical end with complete resolve and, once the physical control of the Taliban country is reclaimed, consolidate military gains with economic investment and political reforms. The military is essentially involved in a fire brigade operation struggling to put out the fire where it is raging the most. The proposed but missing political and economic tiers of the strategy are meant to win the hearts and minds of people, and prevent futurerecruitment of the youth by the Taliban and other terror groups.

Suicide attack in Peshawar leaves 19 dead, several injured

Dawn: PESHAWAR: At least 19 people were killed and 50 wounded when a suicide bomber struck the district judicial complex on Thursday morning, city administration officials and doctors said. ‘The bomber was on foot and tried to get into the Judicial Complex through its main entry gate. He blew himself up, when he was stopped,’ deputy coordination officer, Peshawar, Sahibzada Mohammad Anis said.

Educating the Frontier

Dawn Nasser Yousaf THE recent spate of suicide attacks that has claimed scores of precious lives once again forced the closure of educational institutions in the NWFP. Earlier, the operation in Swat had necessitated the recent closure of educational institutions.   The terrorists seem to have won the day again, albeit temporarily, as one pictures them laughing all the way back to their dens, blanketed irredeemably in ignorance.