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Haiti earthquake – help urgently needed

Dear Reader,

It’s clear that the tragedy from the devastating earthquake in Haiti is off the charts, and unprecedented, in terms of death and destruction.  It is being called the disaster of the century. There is an incredible challenge ahead to save people who have survived, and begin to rebuild some semblance of a livable society.  I know AlterNet readers will be ready to help  those organizations with a track record.

With more than 200 aid workers already on the ground in Haiti, Oxfam is one such organization. Please, help them with their relief efforts if you can.

Don Hazen
Executive Editor, AlterNet.org


Last night’s earthquake in Haiti has left the capital city of Port-au-Prince in ruins.
The damage is catastrophic; more than 2 million people have been affected, but the human toll is still unknown. Haiti’s president has said the impact on the country is “unimaginable” and estimates that thousands have died.

Donations are urgently needed to rush aid to the area – please give now >>

The initial earthquake struck just before sundown and as many as 28 powerful aftershocks continued throughout the night – the darkness made initial recovery efforts nearly impossible.
Oxfam has four offices in Haiti and over 200 highly-experienced aid workers on the ground. They are already responding to the situation where our assistance is most needed, but we need your help immediately – these first hours are critical for saving lives.

Donate now and help us respond to this emergency.

Today, our emergency response teams are working with partners to assess the damage – we already know that water systems in the capital have been severely damaged. Emergency supplies, like clean water, temporary shelters, and sanitation equipment are already en route from our base in Panama.

Your donation will go immediately to the most critical needs in Haiti, and we will ensure that every penny is used wisely.
Please make a generous tax-deductible gift right now to help us save lives in Haiti.
Haiti is already the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere – a place where 85% of people live in poverty. This disaster has already had an extreme impact, and conditions are expected to worsen, especially in the next 24 hours, even as aid is rushed in. Please be as generous as you are able.

Donate now to Oxfam’s Haiti Earthquake Response Fund.

Thank you for your part in this global response to this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti today.

Raymond C. Offenheiser
Oxfam America

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