Month: February 2010


By Awaam Today is the day of prophet’s birth. In recent years celebrating Eid Milad un Nabi has become a tradition. This is obviously celebrated with ‘ RAWAYTI  JOSH O JAZBA AND MAZHABI IKIDAAT O EHTRAAM’.  Functions celebrating Prophet’s birth are held. Thank God it has not come to cutting the cakes as yet.

For Pakistani women, dupattas are more than a fashion statement

The long scarves that many wear with traditional shalwar kameez outfits are laden with religious and cultural significance. For some it’s a sign of Islamic modesty, for others a cumbersome relic. February 23, 2010|By Mark Magnier Reporting from Karachi, Pakistan — Seeking a competitive edge, fabric designer Vaneeza Ahmad spent hours on the phone to China but couldn’t find anyone to make her new line of dupattas, the omnipresent scarves that Pakistani women drape over their arms, head, chest. China may be the world’s factory floor, but its scarf makers aren’t equipped for something that can be more than 8 feet long. Ahmad fretted, until, after much wrangling, she found a solution. “I’ve located a curtain maker who could do it,” she said triumphantly. “They’ve got the only machines big enough to handle our dupattas.” Essence of femininity, grist for film and literature, political statement, cultural icon, albatross, these few ounces of cotton or silk fabric have woven their way across Pakistan’s shoulders, history and fashion runways, morphing from protest symbol to political must-have to sometimes-burdensome accessory …

NA 55 Elections

By Awaam There are a lot of things happening in Pakistan at the moment. However, every one’s attention seems to be directed towards the highly anticipated elections of NA 55. Today, on 24th of February, 2010 people of Rawalpindi will finally cast their votes and decide not only the fate of the candidates but of themselves as well. In the past few days Streets of Rawalpindi had been crammed by the fervor of the vigorous campaigning of some hopeful and many not-so-hopeful candidates representing several political parties. The 22 candidates belonging to PML, PTI, AML, JI, ANP etc and several independent candidates have tried their best to convince the people in these past few days. Now it is for people of Rawalpindi to decide who they want to chose as their next leader (for some time). NA 55 is politically considered a crucial seat. There are 334,269 registered voters in NA-55, including 183,507 men and 150,762 women. 250 polling stations have been setup containing 597 polling booths. Therefore, we at V21 decided to conduct our …


Asghar Ali Engineer Mostly people think Muslim women are oppressed and forced to wear veil and confined to the four walls of their houses. This is mainly because we read every day in papers that Taliban force women into veil, burn down girls schools and always portray them wrapped completely in black cloth from head to foot. This image of Muslim women was further reinforced by the burqa controversy which erupted in France .

NRO Order, CJ or 18th Amendment

Barrister Amjad Malik 16 December 2010 Supreme Court order on NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) has shattered the ruling govt which was standing on the 4 pillars of this barter orchestrated by military & Pentagon , USA &UK and (PPP) Pak people party leadership which is clutching and hanging on to a straw now. Instead of whole heartedly, understanding the tenacity of situation and implementing the order by realigning politically based on reality, the leadership went for hit and run ditto of their predecessor General Musharraf who sacked the chief justice who was considering a petition on his Presidential election in military uniform.

The GlObal KaleidOscOpe- 15th Feb

Vision21 In an attempt to take a different approach from our previous article of GK, this time we have tried to develop a Pakistani context out of international events that followed last week. We, Pakistanis are very emotional; not only as individuals but even as a nation. It’s not that we do not take pride in it. Our history, literature, movements, political decisions and patterns of social organizations all prove that we hold our emotions above everything else. On top of that we learn from our very early years both, the beauty and necessity of sharing. We find our strengths from creating these shared experiences of joy, grief, disappointments and fulfillment. They bring us together. So it should not come as a surprise if we, Pakistanis are going through this collective experience of having a “national panic attack”. We have good reasons for it. Panic always stems from a threat to survival. With a growing food and energy crisis, dried out rivers, no employment opportunities and a disappointing government at our hands, can we really …

Reforming Pakistan’s Civil Service

Asia Report 185 16 February 2010 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS Decades of mismanagement, political manipulation and corruption have rendered Pakistan’s civil service incapable of providing effective governance and basic public services. In public perceptions, the country’s 2.4 million civil servants are widely seen as unresponsive and corrupt, and bureaucratic procedures cumbersome and exploitative. Bureaucratic dysfunction and low capacity undermine governance, providing opportunities to the military to subvert the democratic transition and to extremists to destabilise the state. The civilian government should prioritise reforms that transform this key institution into a leaner, more effective and accountable body.