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The GlObal KaleidOscOpe…DunyaNama

The world is constantly changing at pace that often leaves us bewildered. There are astonishing breakthroughs in science, new discoveries in technology and innovative advancements in our ways of communication every day.

However, where does Pakistan stand amidst all these new discoveries and developments? Are we following the world as it advances or have we lagged behind?

The purpose of our new weekly section “Global kaleidoscope … DunyaNama” posted on our website is to know and analyse this. We want to bring our readers’ attention to the ways of our global world. Hence, by reflecting on the global discourses propagated in form of news, articles, blogs and researches we will attempt to create a holistic picture of worldly affairs in a given week and the possible implications for our own development.


8th Feb 2010

In today’s modern times we have a large plethora of information available to us, thanks to the worldwide web. Still, there were some articles that stood out. Some that forced us to think about where we’re headed. We plan to discuss them in our section of “Global kaleidoscope… DunyaNama”

We start by an interesting article that caught our eye. It was John Pilger’s “From Orwell’s World to Obama’s Oceania” posted on the author’s website ( John Pilger is an Australian journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker based in London. He also writes a bi-weekly column in New Statesman, and is well known for his outspoken criticism of foreign policy of western countries and world leaders including American President, Barak Obama.

In this article Pilger describes how the entire political structure of United States of America, rests solely on shaky foundations of self-constructed lies. The war on Terrorism, world peace, Al-Qaeda and global consensus in support of the insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan are some of the many lies that US government has created in an attempt to create a history to justify its future.

But How does US manage to sustain and justify such big a lie?…Read More at our Website

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