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The GlObal KaleidOscOpe- 15th Feb


In an attempt to take a different approach from our previous article of GK, this time we have tried to develop a Pakistani context out of international events that followed last week.

We, Pakistanis are very emotional; not only as individuals but even as a nation. It’s not that we do not take pride in it. Our history, literature, movements, political decisions and patterns of social organizations all prove that we hold our emotions above everything else. On top of that we learn from our very early years both, the beauty and necessity of sharing. We find our strengths from creating these shared experiences of joy, grief, disappointments and fulfillment. They bring us together.

So it should not come as a surprise if we, Pakistanis are going through this collective experience of having a “national panic attack”. We have good reasons for it. Panic always stems from a threat to survival. With a growing food and energy crisis, dried out rivers, no employment opportunities and a disappointing government at our hands, can we really blame ourselves?…Read More

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