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By Awaam

Today is the day of prophet’s birth. In recent years celebrating Eid Milad un Nabi has become a tradition. This is obviously celebrated with ‘ RAWAYTI  JOSH O JAZBA AND MAZHABI IKIDAAT O EHTRAAM’.  Functions celebrating Prophet’s birth are held. Thank God it has not come to cutting the cakes as yet.

Long processions are taken out with Naat singing and speeches. Lot of human energy and effort and physical energy in form of oil and electricity is consumed in this activity.

But what are we trying to achieve? Is this really for the love of the Prophet or just to satisfy our egos and showcase our carpetbagging?

George Bernard Shaw observed that it is curious that human beings will kill and die for religion but not act according to its true spirit.

I wonder if all those, who take part in these processions and functions, will make a vow to follow the prophet in letter and spirit.

Say for example can we do follow these ten Sunnah. Not more. Just ten. Is that asking too much?

Smile a lot,

Not to raise voice and become angry,

Forgive even those who are cruel to you,

Be patient,

act with forbearance,

Love our women and treat them with care, respect and as an equal

Not lie,

Be fair and just,

Help and feed poor and dispossessed

Not to force anyone in doing anything they don’t want to

Believe and follow ‘ Lakum deen o kum wali yaa deen’,( to you your way and to me mine) in other words lets agree to disagree and respect our disagreements.

Can we do that for the Love of the Prophet?

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