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Hypocrisy Galore: Pakistani Reaction to Israel

Cross post from Pak Tea House

Amaar Ahmad

On Monday, Pakistanis from religious and political parties tried to
outdo themselves in condemning Israeli assault on the flotilla
carrying humanitarian aid for Palestinians. All decent and civilized
people denounce acts of violence against unharmed civilians. There is
indeed a long history of the Palestinian suffering which hurts us all.

But this swift and spontaneous denouncement also demonstrated the
utter hypocrisy and inhumanity of the Pakistani mullah and the
conservative political class. While Pakistan is burning and its
citizens are being murdered in cold blood by fellow citizens, these
people react with indignation to events in a far away land. Do they
lack the eyes to observe the blood bath in their backyard? Are they
deaf to hear the screams of dying and wounded worshipers ? Have they
lost the sanity to check crimes against humanity within their midst?

This is not to say that we should shy away from condemning the
unjustified Israeli actions against the Palestinians. However, we must
begin at home.

No sooner have the 95 Ahmadis of the Lahore mosque attacks been buried
that the Mullahs (like Allama Ibtesam Ilahi Zaheer) are out in force
declaring the Ahmadi ‘wajib-ul-qatal’ (worthy of death). These
‘patent-holders’ of Islam (as Hafiz Salman Butt of Jamaat-i-Islami
once suggested about themselves) are seeing conspiracies against
Muslims in distant lands but become debilitated when their own
countrymen are felled. How can one consider their full-throated
denouncement of Israelis to be morally and ethically justified when
they would rather forget about the hell unleashed three days earlier
and mumble only a quickly delivered commiseration.

The attacks in Lahore are not a result of mere police incompetence.
This is of course is true as well. That the Pakistani security
apparatus is hopelessly incapable of preventing crimes against its
citizens is a fact of life.

Nay! It is a result of tolerating, teaching and propagating an utterly
false and corrupt vision of Islam – one that has absolutely nothing to
do with the noble and pious examples of Prophet Muhammad (sw) – in
whose very name these religious demagogues operate. The founder of
Islam prayed for those who threw stones at him, forgave those who
tried to kill him, showed forbearance for those who abused him. The
Prophet (sw) never reacted in the violent and senseless manner which
the Mullah of today is behaving.
No one claiming to be a Muslim – even munafiqeen – were ever denied
the right of life, liberty and property by the Prophet (sw).
Despite knowing the Sunnah, it is baffling how Muslims of today have
handed over their wits in matters of faith to the likes of Maudoodi,
Ibtesam Zaheer, Amir Liaqat or Mufti Mahmood.

The spiritual survival of Muslims only lies in following the truly
tolerant and uplifting teachings of their Prophet (sw) and by
reclaiming faith from these bigots and by rejecting their call for
compulsion in religion.

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