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Good News

By Awaam

It always feels great whenever we come to know about a positive development taking place in our

country. Particularly since the everyday routine stories in the media and what goes on in our surroundings are not often very positive. We see that the news of corruption, economic decay, increasing social evils, crime and backwardness have overshadowed the positive news about Pakistan.

So is that all the reality or is it an over projection of the pessimistic mindset?

Many may answer this question that it is real. The incidence of problems is far more than that of positive things happening around us. Thus it supersedes the good news. That, in my opinion, itself gives birth to another chain of problems… the problem of despair and hopelessness.

The solution, therefore, may be to throw the light on bright side so that we may see more of what we pronounce as the dark side.  The dots of light may be small but they need reflection to create an impact.

Yesterday, we read about one such great and good news, among the many other depressing ones. The news is about a “Pakistani IT firm ‘on top of the world’ in apps”

The Lahore based IT firm ‘Five Rivers’ has earned the fame by hitting the top spot across all sectors on Blackberry’s AppWorld store. The photo editing suite developed by Five Rivers became the best selling paid application for BlackBerry.

“This is extremely good news for us and especially for the Pakistani IT industry,” said Mahe Zehra Husain, the head of operations and product management at Five Rivers Technology.

“We feel we are on top of the world. This is incredible.” The application “has been in the top five paid applications for quite a while now and on Sunday made its way to the number one spot,” she said.

This software allows users to crop, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast, recolour and resize photos.

The website of Five Rivers tells us that it has developed and run out more than 100 mobile applications for the Blackberry and iPhone as well as other smartphones.

With the proliferation of mobile phones and the introduction of modern and instant technologies, the progress in the field of telecommunication has dazzled the world with its wonders. The up-to-the-minute developments in the mobile applications have involved a great number of IT companies in the race. Being on the top is, absolutely, a great achievement for a Pakistani company and it need to be celebrated.

Thumbs up to Five Rivers.

Well done. We are proud of you.



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