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PNS Mehran Naval base attack …. view of an ordinary Pakistani

It exposes the bitter reality and shows the extent to which Pakistan is weak and vulnerable to the threat of terrorism in all ways logistically, defense and policy vise and above all ideologically.

The attack on a naval military base is not an ordinary incident. Its not that simple as it is to explode a bomb in a market or in a car near the public places. It can never be done without having the extra ordinary knowledge and training about the naval base and targets. And its also not possible without the support from within the naval forces.

and why will anyone from the forces support them? Its not necessary that  anyone did but if this is true then its only because we have a great number of people among us who can easily fall prey to the terrorist psyche and there are several reasons for it. My personal opinion is that the people in military are more vulnerable because their training is such that they can kill or help to kill if ordered/convinced and also they are not encouraged to think much.

Why we are weak?  I think because we have a great majority of unlabeled and undiscovered Taliban among us.  and even bigger majority is of that who are either  indifferent or powerless. As far as the leaders are concerned they are victim of jahalat and selfishness in the first place. and to add upon it even if they try to do something they can’t because of their inability to get grasp over what exactly is going on and what to do in this situation. They are confused. They have missed the train. There is a complete mess.

 And why the defense if weak? I think because it has been politicized. It’s not doing its job. No one is doing his own job in this country at present except the terrorists. They are really working hard on their mission and we are not. But this I can say with surety that if things move in the same direction then no one will win this war. The outcome will be a disaster only.

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