Month: August 2011

Dynamics of Fata reforms

By Khalid Aziz | From the Newspaper     THE government of Prime Minister Gilani is inconsistent, yet sometimes it surprises everyone with a landmark moment. Though it is marked by questionable decisions and bad governance most of the time, periodically it pulls out political rabbits out of its hat. It defies the Supreme Court for months and remains at the tip of disintegration, yet frequently finds the energy to emerge with accolades in another area.

The dream

By Awaam Pakistan’s first problem is that of identity. We have a firm belief that every successive generation has to redefine its identity and let it evolve with both, time and space. Evolution means that central core features of the past are preserved and new features are added in the new space and time. These new features and values in their own time will become both permanent and critical to the core identity or give way to the new ones. This is, and always have been the way of history.


By Awaam Every Identity has a history and so does that of Pakistan. It is short but tumultuous, although some say it was born with the conversion or settlement of the first Muslim in India. In truly modern sense though India was only itself born, when British firmly established their rule from Afghanistan to Burma, by 1890s. In the process of doing this however, they sowed the seed of national consciousness in the minds of Indians. British influence moulded Indian nationalism by omissions and commissions. However it inevitably also laid the seed of communalism, as different regions and nationalities in the sub continental melting pot, woke up to the British rule and demanded their rights.