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Natural Calamities Or a Man-made disasters?


In one of the main TV talk shows last night, the anchor person asked for  the views of a religious scholar, Maulana Tariq Jameel, on the thought that the natural calamities occurring here in Pakistan ( ie floods, dengue virus epidemic etc) are the result of  ‘bad deeds’ of Pakistani people.

Maulana sahib quoted a hadith about the signs of God’s anger [ That you can listen to in the clip below].

All of the evils the hadith mentioned are those that are and have been present in all the societies and cultures at all times. While there may be difference in the degree and extent to which these ‘bad deeds’ may be happening or may have happened in the past, it cannot be argued that these are exclusive to Pakistan art this time. Even now there are several countries in the world with situation similar to Pakistan.

Although there is no doubt about the fact that ‘bad deeds’ bring nothing but disasters;  but how do they actually lead to that effect and how do such ‘bad deed’ cause such calamities is the question that actually needs to be answered.

It is too simplistic to state that the ‘bad deeds’ cause natural and manmade calamities as a result of God’s anger. Is it justified to put it all on God and name our own incomeptencies and dishonesty as ‘God’s anger’?

We find it an easy way to escape. But is God’s anger so blind that it ruins those who are poor and have nots ?

Does God send floods to those who have mud houses and He leaves those who live in strong concrete houses? Is He that blind that He chooses to kill those with dengue virus who cannot afford to buy a medicine and spares those who can even fly to other countries for their treatment?

Is God’s anger so blind that it kills those going to schools and those going to find daily work with bomb blasts and secures those who actually plan the games?

It is easy to put the blame on all when it is hard to point out the actual fault.

What are those ‘bad deeds’ that we need to stop doing?

Does anyone care to pay heed to this matter as well? What is the indirect channel of the bad deeds that causes the disasters?

Is it not the man himself who makes the natural system into a calamity for himself? Is not the dishonesty and corruption in every act of life the worst deed which leaves men open and vulnerable to all kinds of disasters?

What in the immediate term is the way out of the disasters now? is there any? or should we wait for the weather to get ruthless, for the red storms and the Earthquakes?

And just pray ?

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  1. Dear Writer,
    all you wrote about is a Non Issue,
    1. you have written all this about a Q which is not even asked from Molana Tariq Jamil,
    2. further you have derived more Qs from your basic Q which are also not asked,
    3. if Moalana Tariq Jamil wud have given more time this Q wud have been asked this way from Molana Tariq, i think he would have replied the same as you are thinking as i have heard his Bayan even before this Sailab in which he has talk about Azaab in Detail.

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