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Veenagate – my thoughts- By Faisal Kapadia

A freelance columnist, Faisal Kapadia lives in Karachi, writes on everything and social media and misses the time when we could tell the good guys from the bad by the color of their light sabers. He tweets with the same name and sometimes answers emails at faiskap666@gmail.com
I cant fault veena malik for “what” she has done to her life, If you think about it the only thing she has been known for so far is to pull off one stunt after another. She has been bold when she trashed her ex Asif, she has been provocative in big brother the reality show in India and after that she has been trying on different persona’s in tv shows fighting muftis and even spitting venom at fellow actresses all to stay in the public eye.What i have a real problem with is “how” she does it  i.e when she uses Pakistan and its name and then later goes on to say this has nothing to do with the nation, i am not representing it blah blah. Right now she is knee deep in a huge scandal, that of FHM’s India’s nude cover of “allegedly her” which came out this month. Now i am least concerned about whether its been morphed like she claims or whether its real like the magazine claims as suits and counter suits fly across the airwaves.What really bugs me is that we liberals who are now whispering “its her body not ours” seem to forget that whenever she exposes herself in anyway she first makes the headlines by doing it as a “Pakistani woman” a fact she repeated every 3 sentences in big brother..a fact she repeats even now when she makes statements like “i am from here and i know my limits” and a fact she bitch slaps by appearing nude and bearing the initials of our secret service on her forearm.
Must I remind my fellow freedom junkies that there was once a thing known as culture and a value system in this land. Something which we could attribute to, even if it seemed a little hokey at times. Our culture and our way of life and I am not discussing religion here has nothing to do with women stripping themselves on magazine covers and objectifying an already very objectified section of our society. This degeneration by the way, is also showing in our morning shows as they all try to out do one another with who has the weirdest hijra on tv or whatever. Our entertainment media which was once of stellar quality has gone from dhoop kinare to some bad b grade version of India’s idea of self loathing and softporn.
So what is ms malik doing wrong? She is adding to this degeneration by breaking new boundaries of trash and crowing about it afterwards and that is just pathetic to watch. All over the world people admire their intelligence services but we are being fed a steady diet of negativity about the last line of defense in our country to mentally separate us from them, and all we can do is talk about whether ms maliks tits are real or not?
Shame on us as a nation from not banning Veena the minute she started on this slut walk to fame, shame on us for allowing this filth onto our screens and giggling about it in excited conversations over coffee like its double digit economic growth and shame on us for tolerating this abysmal assault on our tehzeeb and culture. This is not the Pakistani woman, this is not our mentality and this is not who we are!
A ghandi once said “ we dont need an army to defeat Pakistan we will do it through our media” Well rest in peace maam you don’t need to do anything through any channel we are taking our own clothes off one veena at a time.
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