Month: January 2012

The Impending Storm – Climate Change

Awaam Mehwish Mushtaq In this series of blogs we will address the issue of Climate change, how it has come to pass, what are its consequence, what can be done to avert those, what is being and one and who is doing what. We will also look at the potential problems Pakistan may face and their impact on our social and national fabric. Climate change has come to be one of the most defining problems of our time. Without any doubt, it is the biggest existential threat faced by human being in the 21st century. Despite this stark reality Climate change continues to be misunderstood and understated. It has still failed to register properly in the global human consciousness, let alone dominate it as it should. Image source: The Atlancist Climate change and the threats it pose to the human beings, particularly those living in the poor countries, is going to define what happens in this century, to human kind. Not terrorism, not fundamentalism and not extremisms. If anything, it is the climate change terrorism, …

58 per cent children in the country cannot read a sentence in Urdu: Report

58 percent of the school going children, according to the report below, cannot read a sentence in Urdu. This simple fact has the most unfortunate implication for the future of the generations to come and for the future of this country. Only if the significance of it is realized. Ikram Junaidi | Dawn As many as 58 per cent children in the country cannot read a sentence in Urdu or in their regional language. – File Photo ISLAMABAD: As many as 58 per cent children in the country cannot read a sentence in Urdu or in their regional language while 75 per cent are unable to read a sentence in English. This was revealed in a survey report launched by South Asia Forum for Education Development managed by Idara Taleem-o-Aagahi in collaboration with the Foundation Open Society Institute, Department for International Development, National Commission for Human Development and Oxfam here on Thursday.

Maya Khan Aunty Brigade – Stay out of our parks

Cross Post from TeethMaestro Subah Saveera with Maya Khan on Samaa TV actually chases people sitting in a park and asks them why are they sitting there. Firstly I believe it is NOT illegal for two people to sit [date] in a park, and secondly it was shocking to see the host and other women running and chasing after individuals sitting in the park to an extent of trying to trap them.

Why are we corrupt?

 by Dr. Farrukh Saleem The eleventh president of the Islami Jamhooria Pakistan is accused of having accumulated billions of dollars beyond his known sources of income. Down the food chain, our milkmen routinely adulterate their supplies with detergents, urea, boric acid, starch, hypochlorite and salts.

Are you a complete human being or merely a vote

By Dr. Khalil Ahmad
This MonoBlogue discusses the attitude of politicians towards the citizens and finds that they treat the citizens merely as vote, or voters, not as complete human beings. The MonoBlogue tries to bring home the point that no political party or a politician ever talks of the Fundamental Rights ensured in the Constitution, and there is no mention of these rights in their manifestos / programs either. The MonoBloguer exhorts the citizens to pressure the politicians to focus on the Fundamental Rights first, i.e. the bigger issues first, and then minor, though important, problems will get solved logically and gradually.