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Maya Khan Aunty Brigade – Stay out of our parks

Cross Post from TeethMaestro

Subah Saveera with Maya Khan on Samaa TV actually chases people sitting in a park and asks them why are they sitting there. Firstly I believe it is NOT illegal for two people to sit [date] in a park, and secondly it was shocking to see the host and other women running and chasing after individuals sitting in the park to an extent of trying to trap them.


In my opinion they exhibited highly intrusive, invasive and potentially irresponsible behavior – it is the kind of vigilantism which no different than the mob that cornered the two brothers in Sialkot and enforced their own reaction for the benefit of society, Maya Khan may have initiated a precedence today and may potentially open the door for chase and capture vigilantism – Irresponsibility of the highest degree

Liberal Fascist writes: Going through the horrid clip above, you see two dozen women running through a park, shouting “wo hijab waali”, “dekho uss nai hijab pehna huwa hai”, escorted by men with name tags and uniformed men, obviously employed by one or the other private security company. If you had this great “hoard” of judgement come charging at you, anyone would feel intimidated, harassed and threatened. The last time I checked, and I may be completely ignorant about this, when I go to a public space, that is not what I expect, nor is such behaviour condoned by any legal authority.

The 5th Part of the show gets worse, Maya Khan actually hounds the couple on some other pretext and slowly moves in to question the couple on their Nikahnama, when the girl insists to turn the camera off, Maya still continues to record despite her promise – Is this another level of media vigilantism?

Mehreen Kasana writes an open letter: Now if you don’t mind, I have plans to make. I’m spending unmarried time with the guy I like in a few days. We’re so unmarried, it’s amazing. Sometimes in our high unmarriedfulness, I hold his arm and we walk through the park past closet Maya Khans and Zaid Hamids who genuinely detest us for our open display of joy, comfort and affection. I can’t wait to have you show up and ask us for our nikah document. This is what I’ll give you as proof: … Stay out of my park.

A petition has been started to be sent to Zafar Siddiqui, CEO Samaa TV appealing him to stop this stupidity, text of the petition is as follows

STOP Subah Saverey Maya kay Sath vigilantism like Lal Masjid

We the undersigned would like to express our dismay at a morning show broadcast on Samaa TV, Subah Saverey Maya kay Sath, that exhibited highly intrusive, invasive and potentially irresponsible behavior on the part of the host – a kind of vigilantism no different than the Lal Masjid variety. The episode of Jan 17, 2012 in particular was highly disturbing in which the host Maya Khan went after couples in parks.

As viewers and citizens, we not only protest this kind of moral policing, but also point out that this kind of programming is likely to also lead to legal action for violation of dignity of man under the Constitution – which legal action we as signatories will support, propagate and promote.

We hope that Samaa TV will end this irresponsible programming immediately, and look forward to your early response.

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