Month: March 2012

Electricity as the indicator of Human Development

The electricity crisis at the beginning of the season is matter of concern and tension to the people of the country once again. It is highly unfortunate fact that at the dawn of the summer season every year, we see the discussions on television shows, the strikes in the cities and articles being written on the issue of electricity shortage going on in a very typical way as an annual routine activity ending up without any answers. This year the shortfall has again risen to 5,500MW about 40 percent of the estimated peak demand of 13,500 MW, resulting in an average loadshedding of 11 hours across the country and 16 hours in the rural areas. While the devastation of the people’s daily routine due to the crisis is all-pervading and very prominent to note, here we want to highlight the long run impact of this problem which is that how the availability and usage of electricity by the people define the human development parameters of a country. The Blog is an extract from our research …

Are we wrong about Pakistan?

Daily Telegraph When Peter Oborne first arrived in Pakistan, he expected a ‘savage’ backwater scarred by terrorism. Years later, he describes the Pakistan that is barely documented – and that he came to fall in love with It was my first evening in Pakistan. My hosts, a Lahore banker and his charming wife, wanted to show me the sights, so they took me to a restaurant on the roof of a town house in the Old City.