Month: April 2012

Financial Fatwas and Head Money on Raymond Davis (or Financial Terrorism by United States of America)

Mehwish Mushtaq At the time of worsening relationships between Pakistan and the US, another blow has come for Pakistan in the form of the placement of ‘Bounty Money’ by the US of A on Hafiz Saeed, the patron in chief of Jamaat u Dawa Pakistan, a charitable organization. This is a move which has left many in Pakistan perplexed and bewildered.

A Pakistani Perspective of PAKISTAN: Consumption Conundrum in Pakistan

Sakib Sherani Dawn “Instead of statistics and charts, let me try to put a few facts in layman’s language. Out of a total population of 190 million, the rural population of Pakistan is about 64%. They have never had it so good than the amount of money they have made in the last few years due to high increase in food prices locally & internationally. Pakistan is the fifth largest producer of milk in the world. Nestle took the lead & now big Pakistani tycoons are coming into this business in a big way which would improve the quality substantially to world standards on a huge scale. Nestle is looking at exporting milk internationally in the next 5 years from Pakistan.

Returning to a “people-centred” ideology

Cross post from PakTea House By Saad Hafiz: It can be argued that Pakistan in its early years pursued Mr. Jinnah’s pragmatic approach to cope with its survival as a newly-formed state. Mr. Jinnah advocated an inclusive society based on shared values such as equality, justice and fair play. This common sense approach built on the broad principles of pragmatism served to stabilize a young nation. Many of Pakistan’s problems stem from the inability to sustain a shared socio-political vision of what ‘the nation’ stands for, as various leaders after Mr. Jinnah used all means of political and social engineering to emphasize a narrow partisan Islamic ideology and orientation for the country.