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Why Education is Important? A Blog by SLP Student

abida gul copy

Abida Gul is a student of the Speed Literacy Program at Vision21. She is 13 years old and had never attained the formal education. At the time of joining SLP she did not know how to write her name in Urdu, now after an year when she has learned how to read and write, she has got a medium to express her ideas and a path that leads to education, the ultimate need of humanity.

Abida aims to become a teacher and to start her own school for girls in her village  in future. She has written a note on the importance of education stating purely her own thoughts on the subject.

Abidah-education-1 abidah-education-2



  1. omer khalid anwar says

    read the blog, in real …. and was surprised, how this young girl from rags, have written this. hats off to vision 21, for their efforts, thruout the year…
    keep up the good work guys…

  2. Syed Kazim Raza says

    God has created human with a unique identity Its mean every person has a unique quality which others do not have so there is a need to explore every person to know about his/her quality. Everyone have right to shine and Vision 21 is exploring these stars with the key of education.and i hope one day these stars will rise and shine insha allah…..

  3. Mrs Syed says

    this is impressive… may Allah bless all the slp team… but the question is…what is the future of Abida… What does the slp team n the top management plan to do.. what is the next step…
    wish n pray that Abida’s dreams come true…ameen
    “Wo din phir aayega Jab aisa Hoga Pakistan. men tou daikhon ga…tum bhi daikho gey” …inshAllah…

  4. saba naz says

    i m really really happy to see this 🙂 hoping that SLP will also help other children of Pakistan and IN-SHA-ALLAH abida’s dream will come true soon..i am with abida and SLP…

  5. maria says

    can i also play a part in SLP?im a university student and i would be happy if i can play my role here by spreading knowledge i have to these children.

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