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Anonymous- Message to Pakistan

watch the video here

Greeting People of Pakistan,

We are Anonymous, We have few questions and Messages for the people Pakistan, Government of Pakistan , all the Political leaders including PM Nawaz Sharief , Shabaz Sharif , Imran Khan and The Religious Scholars and leaders.

Question 1 : Why Pakistan is still suffering from Poverty ? When it has so many mineral resources. Let us remind you that in city Chiniot of Pakistan 28 kilometer area of gold silver copper and iron was discovered in 2015 . But still Pakistan is suffering from Poverty .. what happened to all that gold silver copper iron ? Did everyone forgot it? or the Political leaders ate it? Let us remind the people of Pakistan that those
metals which were discovered worth Trillion of dollars. which could change the destiny of the People of republic of Pakistan.

Question 2: Why all the political leaders are making People fight each other instead of improving Pakistan , providing better facilities to the people which they promised to the people during elections ? All these politicians just lie to the people. They promise for doing alot of things but they do nothing. All these politicians say that they want Pakistan to be peaceful but Let us tell you that these politicians are the main cause of all the fights all the Chaos in Pakistan? If we look back in 2015 these politicians were the reason of the loss of lives in Model town attack at Lahore. But the people of the Pakistan did nothing besides damaging the facilities that the government provided to them. Why did not the people or the government took action against the murderers. Why those every Police men were not removed from their post and why they were not prosecuted. We know the reason. We will tell it later.

Question 3: Why Muslims of Pakistan fight each other in the name of religion? Every day we see people killing each other. Sunies , shiyas , wahabies and other religious group are fighting which causes deaths of inoccent people . Let us remind you that The Qur’an and Islam thoughts you all about unity not about dividing yourselves into religious groups. the Qur’an says: Hold the rope of Allah and be not divided among yourselves. But how will the people of Pakistan know what Allah said because they have forgotten the teachings of Islam. Ignorance has taken control over them. Now their religion is Social media , using social websites , and watching meaningless TV Programs. Which is sorry to see.

Question 4: Why the educational system of Pakistan is so poor? Today education has become so expensive only children of rich people can get education while children of the poor cannot. The government schools and colleges are in a very bad condition they lack good facilities but the government does not care about it the only care about themselves and their swiss accounts. Today the percentage of passing matriculation is 33% marks but a student can not get admission in any good college because the percentage for admission is 70% and their fees are very high. Today students have become mentally disturbed their parents keep torturing them physically and mentally due to which some students commit suicide . We request the parents to not do this it will only cause problems to you and your children.

Question 5: Why their is no justice in Pakistan and why the law is only for the poor people not the rich ? Today if a poor goes to jail the Police torture them like hell even if his crime is very little but if a rich goes he is treated like he is a king even if they have a long criminal record. The reason why those Police men were not prosecuted because all the law department of Pakistan is corrupt. Police department is corrupt. Anti-corruption department is also corrupt. So What should people will expect? We feel very sorry for Pakistan. We feel very sorry for Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Sir Muhammad Iqbaal who did so much for this Pakistan but the People of Pakistan ruined Pakistan. We feel very sorry for all the brave man who sacrificed their lives to build Pakistan. And the People of Pakistan are destroying it. We pray to God for the bright future of Pakistan. Message for The People : Pakistan is suffering from serious problems of poverty , corruption , unemployment , ignorance , lack of education and many other problems. And our government and Political leaders will do nothing. They will only build roads or they will make us all fight each other. They only care about their bank balance and swiss accounts. They all are selfish and thieves who only lie to the people. Only the people of Pakistan can change Pakistan and to save Pakistan’s future. Pakistani people need to stop betraying each other, they need to become united as one ,they need to wake up from this system of lies . Pakistan will change and it will become better when the people of Pakistan will change themselves. they need to stop believing what the media is telling them because most of the things they say are not true. Pakistan’s Media is also corrupt and we can prove it but that is not our goal. Message for PM Nawaz Sharif: You have made so many promises to Pakistan and you must fulfill them. PM Nawaz Sharif people of Pakistan do not need roads at the present time. They need better and free education. They need safe water to drink and safe and healthy food to eat. They need Justice. They need a corruption free Country. PM Nawaz Sharif you are not only the Prime minister city Lahore you are Prime minister of Pakistan. So you need to make Pakistan better not only Lahore. And PM Nawaz Sharif you will get nothing from filling your swiss accounts because no body knows besides God when you will meet your death. PM Nawaz Sharif instead of building roads build you should import machines to refine all the metals that we mentioned before. PM Nawaz Sharif as you know Pakistan is an agricultural country so you should provide machinery and improve agriculture. We know you have factories in India. But why not in Pakistan? If you don’t care about Pakistan then why you became the Prime Minister. Let us tell you that there are sons of this Nation which know 1000 ways to make Pakistan better . You should bring them forward. We hope that you will understand what your people and what Pakistan needs. Mr Muhammad Ali Jinnah said Pakistan has everything that you can think of. And its true. Message to other Political leaders.: You all need to stop making people of Pakistan fight each other. What you need to do is stand with the government and people of Pakistan and work for the betterment and for bright Future of Pakistan. And if you do not do that and still continue to distract the people then you should expect us. We Anonymous will completely remove you from the internet. We will hack your twitter accounts, Facebook accounts and your Websites. And we may even publish your personal information regarding to your corruption. You do not know what we are capable of. We Anonymous want Pakistan to be a great country, A country free of corruption, A country free of poverty, A country which has free education. People of Pakistan God has given you one of the best parts of this world so don’t ruin it. At the end we will request to the People to share this video for the sake of Pakistan. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We are the voice of soul of this nation. We are United as one, divided by zero. We do not forgive. We do not forget. People of Pakistan we are Expecting from you, And The Corrupt people Expect Us.

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Vision 21 is Pakistan based non-profit, non- party Socio-Political organisation. We work through research and advocacy for developing and improving Human Capital, by focusing on Poverty and Misery Alleviation, Rights Awareness, Human Dignity, Women empowerment and Justice as a right and obligation. We act to promote and actively seek Human well-being and happiness by working side by side with the deprived and have-nots.

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