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Why honour killing only for WOMEN.

Every time the term “honour killing” is used, we view the murder of women through the eyes of their killers. By adding the word “honour” to killing, we use the language of those who justify this odious crime on the basis of “honourable” motives. We use the language of their excuses. We must stop doing this. Honour killing has been a very usual thing lately. People consider it honour to kill their wives and daughters without realising the impact and animosity it has on the society. One after another we get to hear such sad and barbaric news. Such acts are completely a moral decay of society.

Another example of barbarism is seen today, Qandeel Baloch, the actor cum model was also shot dead by his brother. This mentality has nothing to do with status or class it has become the part of our society and carved in the mind-set of the men. Gradually we have turned into a barbaric tribal society. Irrespective of her boldness and media hype, she was a citizen of Pakistan. No one deserves to be killed this way. Murder is completely unjustified no matter what the reason is. Homo sapiens need to stop playing with other’s lives, it is a matter between God and A human.

If it was honour killing then why the boy seen in her music video and mufti sahib and many other men seen with her are still alive? Aren’t they damaging the honour of their families or is it considered as a proud act for the men in a society to be scandalised with such women.  The concept of honour holds the same significance and should be considered equally fragile for both men and women. Why only women are considered as the guardian of the family honour? The answer to this question is because our men have imposed unnecessary restrictions and unwanted standards for their women. It’s easier for gatekeepers to disregard running-on, soft-spoken, vocally frying and up talking women.

What I fail to realise is how one can kill its own family irrespective of anything. Is there any humanity left? Is this the real Muslim Ummah that our ancestors were proud of?

Another day, another honour killing and another bad report come out of our country. Being bold was her mistake, use of freedom of expression was her mistake, living her life in her way was her mistake, being straight forward and entertainer was her mistake. It’s so sad and miserable.

Condemnation is all that is left for us. Protecting life is clearly isn’t our strong suit. We need to learn to tolerate other people otherwise we are going down the drain really quickly.


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