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Remember Remember, the Second November!!!

Syed Hammad Raza

With the month of October coming to an end, the hype about Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Protest to be held on 2nd November, is getting bigger and bigger. Instilled with multiple anticipations about what Khan will bring, the dusty air of capital is becoming even foggier. With the slogan of “Aarahahy Khan, kaanprahayhain be-eman” the PTI fans are all set for the protest. However while there is a sudden thrill in capital air on one hand, on the other hand there is a mild concern of Capital residents over closing of important routes and a possible hindrance in daily life activities.

While it’s still unclear so as to what will be the result of this match, there are however 4 school of thoughts, holding different opinions and feeling about the new innings that Khan is going to start on 2nd November. First and the larger school of thought is the one which is worried about the lockdown in capital and of daily routine coming to a stand-still. These people are of the view that this is one of many useless puppets shows that have been happening in the past. The second school of thought are the ones who are die-hard fans of IK or if not his die-hard fans then at least believe him to be the agent of change for this one time. The logical proportion of this group believes that for a healthy democracy there should be a healthy opposition. They consider opposition to be vaccine, which challenges immune system initially but then prepares it for the bigger challenges. There they ones who are most thrilled and would constitute the major portion of Khan’s protest crowd. The third school of thought or rather the thoughtless school of thought is the one which consists of all such people who don’t give a damn about IK or Nawaz, or any other player for that matter, and are either happy that they are going to get a new open air theatre and a picnic spot in capital or are just not interested in anyway. Last and the final school of thought is the one that has been there for some time but has been recently brought into light by opposition leader Kursheed Shah. In his recent press conference the opposition leader alleged IK of being the biggest well-wisher of Prime-Minister, saying that his flawed policies are strengthening the PM and his team. The final school of thought is of the same opinion as Kursheed Shah but on more logical basis. This school of thought believes that while Khan is eagerly trying to throw away Nawaz and his league, he is actually doing the opposite. They believe that Khan is just a cheer leader who would cheer no matter if it’s a six or an out while the actual players are out there playing against each other.

With the date of protest closing in, there is a huge debate so as to which school of thought will win, but till the result comes, the air of capital will remain filled with unanswered questions. Off all these questions I am most interested in finding out that whether it will be a “Protest in the Capital” or “The Capital in Protest”

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