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“Democracy Suffocated another Life”


By: Syed Hammad Raza


While passing through news on 28th October, I was in a state of turmoil, but one particular news was very heartrending and depressing. A 3 day old died in Liaqat Bagh area of Rawalpindi due to possible suffocation caused by teargas that was used by the law enforcement agencies to disperse and stop protestors belonging to both PTI and Awami League. Amidst the filmazia of Sheikh Rasheed’s dabang entry in committee chowk and his so called Heroism, the drama of IKs supposed confinement and the egoistic stupidity of “The Government” a 3 day old lost her life. Although there was a clash between reports of Medical Superintendent of Benazir Hospital (according to whom it was not teargas but the child’s own breathing problems) and that of the child’s parents who blame teargas and delay in reaching to hospital due to partial lockdown and it’s still vivid as to who is right and who is wrong but what’s more important is that while one hand we were commending Sheikh’s heroism and putting statuses to applaud him and IK or condemning government, on the other hand someone lost their child on the same road which was the center of every news headline. We call it democracy, while boosting that in a democratic system it’s the right of public to protest. Okay, fine, do it but why it has to be at the expense of public loss, why it has to be at the expense of chaos and depression to the general public; our own selves to be exact. Isn’t it shameful and heartrending both at the same time that someone who wasn’t even familiar with the word of democracy, its philosophy to say the least, lost her life just because someone was demonstrating their democratic rights or that someone was trying to protect democracy or that we were so busy in the singing the songs of democracy that we didn’t even cared enough that a life has been lost. Who is to be blamed, PTI? Awami League? N-League or is it just us? We the public, ourselves, who are claiming each other’s life because we are so blind to look into our own petty selves and blame others for who they are. Is it so important to blame others that you would do it even if it involves using someone’s pain as a point of leverage for yourself? If this is democracy then I would say its useless, if democracy has to suffocate people then what’s the point having it? Zia-ul-Haq once said and I quote “Democracy is like a hat which has been tangled because everyone wears it”, and this is what has happened to our democracy. However, I would like to say to all leaders that please just forget whatever is written above because I know it will never cross your fat brains, I just have one simple request that please stop playing politics over innocent dead-bodies and please wake up as its already too late.


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