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U-Turn or a Wise Political Move

Note: The opinion expressed in this article are author’s own views and have nothing to do with any concrete theory and audience can disagree with the expressed opinions.

Opinion By: Syed Hammad Raza

Since the announcement of cancellation of prolonged Dhrana scene by Imran Khan, many critics have allegedly criticized Mr. Khan to have taken a U-turn. Many of party supporters and Khan fans are also a bit sad over the cancellation of what was supposed to be the big political movement and possible threat to Nawaz government. Many believe that IK has no guts to carry this thing on while the rest believe that he did because he wanted to have a peaceful protest and to not cause any sort of damage to peace and serenity of the Capital.

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While at the end of the day the Supreme Court (SC) and Islamabad High Court (IHC) bagged first positions as being the solvers of the issue, I however think that it was a wise political move by IK in the sense of saving his own political credibility. No doubt he saddened the hearts of his followers, apparently by following court orders of restricting the protest scene to Parade Ground only, but he was actually saving the day for his own self. The above stated argument seems poorly constructed and absurd but allow me to prove it via solid points.

Last time when IK came to Islamabad he sat for more than 4 months, the dharna though considered to be as a great pressure point, however failed to have achieve any substantial goals as per IK’s very own list of goals. Now this dharna was considered to be the second episode of the epic PTI dharnas and people were looking up to Mr. Khan with even greater expectations, which means that if such a thing would have happened then IK would have reached the “Point of no Return”, especially considering the fact that he had even greater motives this time and he expected an even bigger audience, 10 Lacs to be exact, in his own words. So the Supreme Court and IHC saved the day for IK by jumping in because if it wasn’t for the SC and IHC then it would have been a great disaster for IK. Firstly because he would have never been able to gather 10 Lac people, secondly the government would have never agreed to any of his terms, thirdly it would have been a massive socio-political disruption and eventually IK would have lost his political credibility because of his big statements and no substantial result. So, in my opinion IK saved his political credibility because he knew that if he goes for another episode of Dharna then he would reach the point of no return and if he fails (which was very possible) then it would be clear cut victory for N-League. Also, after seeing the yesterday’s gathering in Parade ground one can construct the opinion that overall it proved to be a victory for Imran Khan. The factual proof of this victory can be that Mr. Khan managed to gather a considerable volume of people even after all the struggles of government to stop the influx of people to the Capital. This victory was doubled by government’s stupidity, which proved to be the blessing in disguise for Mr. Khan as he was able to expose the brutality of government and its inhumane reaction to rightful protests, and with just 2 years remaining in elections, he refreshed the brutal reality of N-League in public’s mind.

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