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The Synergism of Leaders and Public

Syed Hammad Raza

Last night after reaching home I found out that our water pumping motor has some issue. I waited for an hour that if there is any voltage issue it may it get resolved but eventually I found out that it isn’t some voltage issue rather something has gone wrong with motor. As per my roommate’s suggestion I went to electric shop which is just a 10 minutes’ walk away from my home to get an electrician. They followed me to my home on bike. After a preliminary check he concluded that there was no technical issue, we eventually found out that it was just a breaker, he turned it on and boom there it was, the motor was running again. So what he did was just turn on the breaker, and when he asked that what are the charges he said Rs.200.

Doesn’t it sound like a big amount?

But let’s check it statistically, the electrician came on his bike from just 2 kilometers away, spending a petrol of max Rs.15, he used a tape a couple of inches of tape to rewind the wire which would cost what, only 1 or 2 rupees, and he invested his ten minutes, and then he demanded Rs.200 Though I was a bit tired but since I wasn’t okay with that so I decided to argue him on that, he eventually decided to take Rs.100 from me saying that because this is Nawaz Sharif’s government so everybody is selfish and is trying to save money but when Imran Khan will be in government then everyone will pay freely. Disturbed by his stupid argument I started thinking. I said to myself that he was charging me Rs. 200 for just turning on the breaker and for wasting a petrol of Rs.15, and now he is criticizing the government and leaders, how absurd and lame are we that we are doing corruption on our own and yet we are criticizing the system and leaders, who is adding water in milk? Who is adding grounded bricks in red-pepper powder? Who is adding water in meat to increase its weight?

It’s not leaders, it’s not politicians, it’s us, we “The Public”, who are snatching from each other, who are exploiting each other’s right, we are the ones who are doing corruption, we are the reason behind the distorted image of Pakistan in the entire world. But does it make the leaders not responsible for their duties? Does it free them of their responsibilities? Does it frees them of the burden of the country and its prosperity? No, it doesn’t, but then what is the gist of this article.

The above all loosely written facts and statements mean nothing else but this, that both the Public and Leaders are the reason behind the awful state of Pakistan. How is this happening? The answer to this questions is pretty simple, in biological science we study this phenomenon whereby two drugs or two chemical agents act in co-ordination with each other and produce a response that is equal to the sum of their individual responses. In simple words you can say that if you simultaneously take two medicines which have the same effect on the body then they will sum up with each other and produce a greater response. So basically this is what is happening with Pakistan, on one hand we have corrupt and incapable leaders and on the other hand we have corrupt and illiterate public, both somehow have the same effect so they are acting synergistically and are continuously adding up to produce a greater havoc to Pakistan. We would have been in a lesser trouble if at least one of the above was sane but since it’s not the case so God bless the Motherland!!!

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