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   CPEC: Re-birth of East India Company


CPEC or China Pakistan Economic Corridor ia recent proceding between Pakistan and its BFF China. Since the inception of this project both countries have gained a lot of benefits and it is expected that the project will bring a lot of economic and social benefits, increase jobs, development sector will boom and so on. Nawaz government has once again made a solid ground for itself by launching this mega project just pike they did by constructing motorway. But like many of the mega project this one too brought a lot of controversy theories with it. Among the various controversy theories surrounding CPEC, one that is most astounding to the common minds is that it is the re-birth of East India Company. The analogy is very shocking in actuality and yes it should be. Lets take a trip down the memory lane. It was 1833, when a group of people, identified later as East India Company, came to then Mughal King, the last of his dynasty, Bahadur Shah Zafar. They wanted to establish a trading company, and mughal emperor gave his due permission, what followed afterwards is a renowed history yet lets go through it. East India Company established its network, they expanded with time and 24 years later we saw the downfall of Mughal Empire, in what is dramatically called “The War of Independence”. We remained the slaves of Britishers for 90 years, and after a long and ardous journey got independence in 1947, only if you define independence as physical freedom unfortunately. Now coming back to CPEC, although China doesn’t has a history of Clonialism which strongly denies the title of this article and China is a very peaceful nation atleast in some aspects, but we still can’t ignore the fact that they are a wealthy nation like Britshers were back then. As its evident from the recent proceddings where Shangai Electric bought K-electric, the largest private transaction to have ever occured in Pakistans history. In the upcoming years there will be huge influx of Chinese money and people in Pakistan, there will be huge mixing of both cultures. But the question that will it end up in mental or physical slavery is too extreme to be asked. China might be a powerful nation and they may have a lot of resources but there is no point for them to takeover Pakistan, because the are already getting what they need, there is nothing else to ask for i believe. So a complete takeover of Pakistan by China seems highly improbable, however we may end-up being thier under-dog to say the most. Any such factor must be taken in to consideration at government level. Its an open ended debate yet we need to discuss it so that we can reach a sound acceptable conclusion before its too late.

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