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The Burden of the Neglected Majority


This article is in reference to a recent article published in “The News” by senior journalist Syed Talat Hussain the link to which is as following https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/176069-Lets-bare-our-soul . Filled with alarming statistics and mind-boggling realties, the article in real sense bares our soul. We are in the 70th year of our independence yet we are still not where we were supposed to be. Founders of this state dreamt something which was our responsibility to fulfil. Ever since the creation of Pakistan, it has been carrying a huge burden of a neglected majority, one that doesn’t know about its right and responsibilities, one that doesn’t care about the progress of state or its economy or its atmosphere or its image in the world. We are a nation of entirely misguided people who unfortunately are 50 to 60 years behind the world average of primary and secondary education with a staggering 6 million children who are out of school at primary level in addition to those at other levels. We rank one of the highest among the countries with high water  stress, since we have 16 million people who don’t have access to clean drinking water and we rank among the lowest with respect to food and personal security but yeah unsurprisingly we rank among the highest in terms of producing babies where we are way ahead of world average and the same goes for access to mobile phones but there is not enough police for citizens, doctors for patients, courts and adjudicators for cases, Tax payers for GDP and in all responsible citizens for Pakistan, the very motherland that we all belong to and live in. A lot of sectors are crumbling, take for example Textile, it used to be huge but the shock that it faced due power issues in PPP era has broken its back bone. We are a big exporter of Textile, our exports have now fallen down. The recent report of State Bank classifies Pakistan as a Consumer Society, with the decline of 5 to 7 billion in terms of our exports, we are becoming a blind-pit. But it’s not sad, what’s sad is that we are playing ignorant as if nothing is going wrong, our laughter’s don’t embarrass us, our parties don’t sadden us, our ignorance doesn’t shake our conscience. We all fall for Stock tricks that our leaders, media, and big organization are selling to us. We are a neglected majority, and we are burdening our nation as never before and this ever increasing burden of neglected majority is what’s keeping us behind in the race for prosperity.

Note: As mentioned before, this article is in reference to Talat Hussain’s article, the similarity of ideas is intentional and I as a writer don’t claim any ownership to imported ideas only, the rest is my own work of mind. For facts please refer to recent UN and State Bank reports.

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