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Salah and Alpha waves

By: Syed Hammad Raza
In the past few decades a lot of research has been focused on finding the health benfits of Salah (Namaz) or Muslim prayer. Scientists have linked Salah to a few health benefits.
Along with other benefits that Salah has on body, there is a special focus on its effects on brain. Neuroscientists have experimented to find various benefits of Salah on brain.
Recently a team led by Hazem Doufesh of the University of Malaya’s Department of Biomedical Engineering conducted a study involving some Muslim volunteers to study the effect of vaious postures in Salah on brain waves. To study this effect the volunteers were fitted with EEG monitors around several regions of brain as frontal, temporal, occipital and parietal. The EEG results showed a significant rise in the alpha wave graph during the prostration as against other activities like standing in Salah or bowing or kneeling in which there wasn’t any significant change in activity of alpha waves. Doufesh and colleagues suggested that this increase in the activity of alpha waves during prostration is because of reduced visual input as the eyes are very close to the ground.
Now what are alpha waves? Alpha waves are neural oscillations discovered by Hans Berger in 1929 therefore also called as Berger Waves. Generated from the thalamus these waves have the frequency between 8 to 13 hertz and produce a relaxed and effortless alertness. There also is a link between alpha waves and creativity. Scientists say that the brain of creative people can generate big bursts of alpha waves. However they are mainly linked to mental peace and relaxation.
In the light of above lines the conclusion can be nothing else but the verse of Holy Quran that somewhat highlights the same message that:
“Truly, only through the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace” {Al-Quran: 13:28}

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