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​How tiny we are


   By: Syed Hammad Raza
So we the Humans, superior of all living creations, inhabitants of Earth; a planet with a diameter of 12,742 Km diameter and a radius of 6,371 Km and with its own moon of diameter 3,475 Km. Cool, isn’t it? Well yes may be, but only if you ignore the reality and only if you stop seeing what’s around but No, because have you ever wondered that what is your position relative to the universe, where do you stand comparative to this universe. Let’s find out then. Have you ever heard about VY Canis Majoris (Red Hypergaint), I think you haven’t. Let me tell you. It is one of the largest and the luminous known star of our galaxy, with a diameter of about 1,975,220,000 km. Now let’s compare this to our so called “Mighty” Earth. Scientists say that Earth is same to VY Canis Majoris as a grain is to a football. Oh, scary isn’t it? But that’s not it, VY Canis Majoris is just a dot in our galaxy with millions of more such and even bigger stars than it. And this is not the end because there are millions of galaxies around us with billions of stars in them and things don’t end up here because that is just the visible part of universe, what about the part that is not visible to us, that contains countless galaxies with countless shining stars numbering in billions and trillions, but thing don’t even stop here because there is no end to this universe, as scientists say our universe is ever expanding, it is expanding the very moment when you are reading this article. So where do we stand in this ever expanding universe, with endless possibilities, ever growing and ever expanding, what if there are some other intelligent beings, in another planet just like our planet, in another solar system just like our solar system, in another galaxy somewhere in this infinite universe, what if we are not the only ones, what if we are some aliens to some beings living millions of light years away on that planet. What if, what if??

So let’s open up our minds, let’s re-evaluate our existence and let’s re-think that are we really the center of universe, are we really what we think we are?? Because no matter whether we accept the reality or not we are just a grain of sand out of all the grains on the sea shore, an ever expanding sea shore, an infinite one, with possibilities that can impossibly be counted or evaluated in any sense, so think where you stand, this ego of being the superior of all and still a dot on an ever expanding giant black board whose ends can never be marked. THINK, THINK, And THINK???

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