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Part 5: How can Pakistan be that modern Islamic state and what modern Pakistani Muslim it means to be.

Quail e Azaam Muhammad Ali Jinnah never wrote any book or journal or anything to tell about his vision for Pakistan. All the evidences that we get are either from his speech, quotes or from those who worked with him. But he did desire for a state where Muslims can spend life according to their religion, customs and traditions. But at the same time it wasn’t any medieval Islamic state or empire which was in his mind as ideal. Our discussion up to now about Pakistan and Modernity has  led us to this point where we have made following conclusions. One that Muslims are poor, humiliated and lack power and respect in the present international order. We also have concluded that we are ourselves to blame for it and no one else. To get out of our miserable status we have to work ourselves and reinterpret Islamic principles to create new paradigms for modern world. We have further reached the conclusion that Pakistan was created as piece of Land where Muslim modernity can take birth …

Part 4:What modern Islamic state should be like?

In the previous blog we talked about how Pakistan can be a modern state by creating new paradigms guided by the principles do Islam. Such paradigms which are suited to the modern world and life styles. We also identified that education is the key to creating such new society. We can’t deny the fact that without our religion and our values we are shallow. Our identity is lost without our own definitions.

A Note by SLP Student

Waqas Khan is a student of the Speed Literacy Program at Vision21. He is 15 years old and he work in a motor workshop. Waqas has written a note on the day of Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool (SAW), stating his views on how do we understand Islam as a religion and what is the importance of the lifestyle our Prophet (SAW) has professed through out his life.

Secular or Islamist?

THE controversy about Jinnah’s vision for Pakistan rages on. Did Jinnah want a secular or a Sharia state? The two sides buttress their arguments by quoting his words selectively. Liberals quote his Aug 11, 1947 speech which says, “You may belong to any religion or caste or creed — that has nothing to do with the business of the state”. Furthermore, his broadcast to the Americans in 1948 said, “Pakistan is not going to be a theocratic state — to be ruled by priests with a divine mission”. However, the same speech also stated, “I do not know what the ultimate shape of this constitution is going to be, but I am sure that it will be of a democratic type, embodying the essential principles of Islam”. Opinion columns, editorials, Dawn 50 years ago today, blogs and letters to the editor on the latest national and international news and issues. via Secular or Islamist?.


Asghar Ali Engineer Though there is no concept of priesthood in Islam yet a class has come into existence which is known as ‘ulama or called clerics in English. In Islam any person, if he/she has adequate knowledge can perform all the functions and rituals be it related to marriage, death or other obligations for Muslims. Alim (plural ulama) means one who knows. Thus whole emphasis is on knowledge of Qur’an and hadith irrespective of class, caste, race or nationality. Since knowledge is central this class came to be called ‘ulama.