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These babies urgently need your help

Dr. Awab Alvi takes you through a walk-thru tour of the Pediatric ward at the Civil Hospital Shikarpur to show the deplorable conditions. The ward looks after only the most severe cases. There are three natal wards with a total of 20 beds, which now hold over 100 children. Some generous donor had air-conditioners installed, making it barely livable. Once you walk out of the rooms, the stench and the heat of the hallway is unimaginable. Toilets down the hall are over-flooding beyond belief. Team members from OffroadPakistan visited the ward, and desperately want to make a difference. They need help to raise funds and expertise to save the lives of these gentle little kids. Dreaming big, they hope to revamp the entire Civil Hospital in this area, as a long-lasting measure for this impoverished city. Video of the conditions of a Pediatric ward in Shikarpur

God, teach us to think

Ghazi Salahuddin One of the quotations that I had culled from Hollywood movies in my youth came from ‘The Teahouse of the August Moon’. It makes a simple statement: “Pain makes man think. Thought makes man wise. Wisdom makes life endurable”. That thought can make us wise is, perhaps, the gist of it. But does pain necessarily make us think? And in a logical, rational manner?

VISION21-Flood affectees relief effort

By Awaam Phase 1. Distribution of Medical packs for families in Nowshehra & Pabbi As the first phase of our efforts to help flood affectees we agreed to distribute medical and Hygiene packs for 1000 families consisting of supplies to last one month. Each pack consisted of the following: Everyday Milk pack, Aqua water cleaning tablets, Paracetamol tablets, Paracetamol and Brufen syrups for children and ORS pack for children. On 15th Aug, we setup to leave for flood hit areas in Nowshehra district, as per our plan, to deliver these items. We were a team of five people including Shaista ( team leader) Hussain , Bilal, Mudassar  and Saeed.  We travelled by a coaster bus.  We set off at 9:00 am. We went through GT road according to our plan. When we reached Taxila and Wah cantt it started to rain heavily making driving very difficult.  The rain continued until we crossed Hassan Abdal. We stopped at Attock khurd, where we saw first signs of the flood. The Indus was flooding at peak and as …

Helping Pakistan, despite its government

By Imtiaz Gul Since it was established over a week ago, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s Emergency Fund has attracted less than 50,000 dollars in donations. The same goes for a similar fund created a few days ago by chief minister of the northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province Ameer Haider Hoti. Flood waters are not the only bitter reality currently sweeping across Pakistan; mistrust in political leaders is spreading just as rapidly. President Asif Zardari’s decision to commence a ten-day foreign tour — despite solid warnings of an impending disaster and despite reports of hundreds of deaths — has dealt yet another severe blow to the credibility and commitment of the head of the state.

Why America needs to ramp up aid to Pakistan

By Molly Kinder and Wren Elhai “Heart-wrenching,” said U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon Sunday upon surveying Pakistan’s ongoing floods.  The U.N. chief called the floods “the worst natural disaster” he said he had ever seen.  The numbers explain why.  More people have been affected by Pakistan’s catastrophic floods than any other natural disaster on record — over 20 million and counting. That’s more than were affected by the 2005 Pakistan earthquake, the 2004 Asian tsunami, and this year’s earthquake in Haiti combined. 

Flood-zoning policy- Dawn Editorial

Some politicians and officials have attributed the flood disaster to unregulated construction and development on river banks. As reported by Dawn, these politicians and officials — including the federal agriculture minister and the Federal Flood Commission chairman — say that widespread settlement build-up and construction along the river banks and even on dried-up riverbeds across the country had blocked the natural course of the rivers.