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Aug 5, 2010 The floods have washed away the thin veneer of respect with which the Punjab government had been treating the federal government. Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has taken President Asif Zardari to task for undertaking a tour of Europe at a time when millions of Pakistanis affected by floods needed him at home. The same refrain is repeated by PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif. The attack, which is consistent with the more critical approach the Sharifs have of late adopted towards President Zardari’s camp, worries the federal government. The PPP-led coalition in Islamabad can ill afford to take on the Sharifs at a time when it is confronted with so much, literally, from Khyber to Karachi.

Waziristan Strategy or Pakistan Strategy?

The battle in Waziristan is variously called “the mother of all battles”, war of ideas and the war for the meaning of Pakistan. Whatever one may call it, there is a little doubt that this is the most important battle Pakistan has ever been engaged in. we hereby present, in two parts, an analysis of how this battle became unavoidable and attempt to present a comprehensive strategy that is required for winning this war. Waziristan today has come to symbolize the paradigm in which Pakistan finds itself. An epicentre of ‘terrorism’, a symbol of ‘Talibanization’ and now a field for what has been euphemistically called ‘mother of all battles’. Pakistan and Waziristan were not always like this. How we have come to this pass is crucial to analyse, but even more urgent is to assess that are we prepared enough to win this battle? Is this just a battle or a war? Is the battle confined to South Waziristan? What are the implications beyond Waziristan? What lies beyond the battle? What will happen after South …

Not an elitist media!

By Dr. Khalil Ahmad If you attack the establishment long enough and hard enough, they will make you a member of it. [Art Buchwald] I With the advent of electronic media and its proliferation, the war against the all powerful elite classes has acquired a new dimension in Pakistan. As the force and both reach and range of TV channels has no parallel in the history of communication technology, now the previously all important print media occupies a backseat or just follows suit. But of course it has its own uncontested place.

How Do People of Pakistan reply? Lets March on Them

The twin suicide blasts in Islamic International University in Islamabad has resulted in the killing of five people today. At first glance the attack leaves one puzzled and confused as to the motive of the attackers. Why Islamic University? Why Hijaab clad girls? But stand back and reflect for a moment and it all becomes crystal clear. The message is loud and plain. If the terrorists can target the Abaya and  naqab wearing women in the Islamic University, then they can kill anyone, at any point. Its a loud warning shot to the People of Pakistan. They have shown once again that their main strategy is to maim and kill ruthlessly. The purpose is to cause fear and expand this fear deliberately so that it acts as a restraint from daily life to critical decision making. It is to traumatize, pressurize and psychologically terrorize people, by creating pain, anguish, remorse, anger and fear. For a terrorist morality of an act is not justified by consequences but by motivations. This act is a clear attempt to make …

No time for non-issues

By S.M. Naseem Dawn- Saturday, 17 Oct, 2009 The challenges facing the Pakistani state — both domestic and external — continue to mount and periodically bring it to the brink of disaster. Whether through an act of Providence or the delicate balance of forces which keep propping up the state, the ‘existential threat’ gets averted. The last two years have been especially traumatic and have taken the nation on a roller-coaster ride of hope and dismay. Democracy by itself may not bring tangible rewards for the population in the short run, but it does rekindle the hope of future advancement and wellbeing for many. The February 2008 elections did raise such hopes.

Desperation OR Challenge- Pakistan must Act

When someone declares an open war, how must a nation react? How should they defend themselves? Have we forgotten the lessons from war with India? Why should we feel different now when we are being attacked from inside rather than from outside. By attacking various institutions of Pakistani state (in attacks of more symbolic value than otherwise), Taliban has thrown an open challenge to our nation. But is it really so? Don’t mistake it because it seems more a sign of desperation on their behalf because they clearly are surrounded and trapped. The recent attacks are more like a reaction of an animal that has been trapped and feels encaged and knows its time has come. These attacks are designed to create more psychological trauma and undermine the resolve of the people and state of Pakistan, than actually inflict any real measurable material damage.