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Agar kaan ka haadisa hamaary yahaan hota….!!!

This has been sent to us by a dear friend. Enjoy ! ya dil jilayay ! The rescue of the Chilean miners trapped 600 feet below the earth for almost 70 days was really dramatic and moving. It got me thinking, what the situation might have been had these miners been Pakistanis….. Rehman Malik  would have announced within the first few moments of the incident that all the miners were dead, only to retract his statement later. Zardari would go off to France to wine and dine at his chateau. The Prime Minster would have come out with the statement that if such an accident had really taken place, he was not aware of it. Nawaz Sharif would first join hands with the PPP in saving the lives of the miners and then turn against his “bhai” alleging that this was a plot to gain votes. Imran Khan would be blaming the Americans for the collapse of the mine. Altaf Hussain would want the government to hand over the rescue operation to the army. Ejaz …


Aug 5, 2010 The floods have washed away the thin veneer of respect with which the Punjab government had been treating the federal government. Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has taken President Asif Zardari to task for undertaking a tour of Europe at a time when millions of Pakistanis affected by floods needed him at home. The same refrain is repeated by PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif. The attack, which is consistent with the more critical approach the Sharifs have of late adopted towards President Zardari’s camp, worries the federal government. The PPP-led coalition in Islamabad can ill afford to take on the Sharifs at a time when it is confronted with so much, literally, from Khyber to Karachi.

Sham democracy

Fakir S Ayazuddin Politics in Pakistan has come to a grinding halt with the lukewarm statement emanating from Raiwind that the Lion does not wish to disturb the system, for fear of bringing down the existing setup. It is a setup which allows the PPP to continue its rampage across the country with the help of the corrupt officials it has appointed at every level. We, for our part, have been trapped by the politicians, and nothing short of a radical change can remove them now.

For Every Decent Human Being

By Bilal Qureshi Isn’t it time? For every decent human being, it is sickening to see people being butchered the way human beings are slaughtered in Pakistan these days. Human life has no respect or value for barbaric animals responsible for these bombings and suicide attacks. And if the news of bombings and killing was not enough, I was horrified to learn that Lahore’s commissioner (incorrectly) blames India for these attacks while Punjab’s law minister (correctly) believes that the thugs being smoked out from Swat and Wazirstan are actually behind these attacks to force the government to back down. Isn’t it time for Pakistan to get united? Isn’t it time stop obsessing about India? Isn’t it time to be realistic?