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After the bin Laden Raid

Shuja Nawaz | June 27, 2011 For the second time in the life of the current government a parliamentary session has produced a unanimous “feel good” resolution, after what must have been serious prodding by the military. Private discussions again leaked badly to the media, making it difficult to ascertain what was really said, given that we cannot judge the motivations of the leakers. If the past is any guide, nothing substantive will result from this exercise as individual political parties go their own ways and there is no cohesive action by parliament or the government to follow up on the main points of the resolution.

Cross post from German Marshall Fund Pakistan’s China card

Posted on 28 June 2011. Andrew Small is a Brussels-based Transatlantic Fellow with the German Marshall Fund’s Asia Program. ABBOTTABAD, Pakistan— For at least a handful of Chinese soldiers, the television footage of Abbottabad around the Osama bin Laden raid was familiar. In December 2006, the city was the site of an extensive set of joint Sino-Pakistani counterterrorism exercises. The “large-scale intelligence gathering,” “ambushes,” and “search and destroy missions” unfortunately failed to get anywhere near the world’s most wanted terrorist, who is believed to have set up house in this Pakistani garrison town earlier that year.

Calling America’s bluff

By Kurt Jacobsen and Sayeed Hassan Khan Published in Dawn HAS Obama unwittingly called his own bluff? The spooky so-called mastermind Osama Bin Laden is rubbed out, courtesy a Hollywood-style hit squad operation. What more is there to say? Everything, actually. But nervous authorities want to curb jubilation so as not to give the exasperated American public any funny ideas about pulling their stupendously expensive military apparatus out of battered Afghanistan.

Killing of Osama and its Implications for Islamic World

Asghar Ali Engineer (Secular Perspective May 16-31, 2011) The United States has claimed, through its own President Barak Obama that Osama  bin Laden, the head of al-Qaeda, was killed on 1st May 2011 at the dead of night in his hiding place in Abbotabad, near Islamabad, Pakistan’s own capital. This news has been broadcast, telecast or published all over the world. However, the President also claimed that as per Islamic rites we buried him in the sea without loss of time as in Islam it is not allowed to keep the body for long. He also claimed that his photographs (with disfigured face) were not shown as it would not satisfy the skeptics and instead, would incite feelings among radicals.

Now That Bin Laden Is Dead, Can We Have Our Freedoms Back? Let’s remember once again who we are, and begin to rebuild our confidence in ourselves – starting with our system of justice. Osama bin Laden’s death removes the single focal point that has dominated American foreign affairs – and much of American politics at home – for a decade. And certainly, the United States and the world can breathe a sigh of relief that a dreaded enemy no longer needs to be countered. But the removal of bin Laden also opens up some space for thinking – not just for perpetual reaction, which has been the singular characteristic of the American version of the “war on terror”.

7 Deceptions About Bin Laden’s Killing Pushed by the Obama Administration

This week we are going to publish a series of articles written by Americans themselves  about Bin Laden’s death. Bloody shame on those servile bleeding heart complexed Pakistanis who dare not raise a finger or a question. As the week wore on, many of the details of the historic raid were “revised.” May 5, 2011 The Obama administration deftly shaped the media coverage of its prized kill by detailing a picture-perfect, morally unambiguous special forces operation, which culminated in the death of Osama bin Laden. Most of the details of that narrative have now unravelled, but the conventional wisdom that the tale established remains. As Glenn Greenwald put it, that’s par for the course: “the narrative is set forever by first-day government falsehoods uncritically amplified by establishment media outlets, which endure no matter how definitively they are disproven in subsequent days.”