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Alternative energy – “Power In A Drop Of Water”

By: Arshad H Abbasi Harnessing hydel energy can be an effective way of reducing poverty. China and India have already done that successfully It is not a fruitful idea to keep discussing as to how much the number of people living below the poverty line has come down during the last five years. Considering that even with the reduced percentage, those suffering from acute poverty are still too many to be left on their own, now is the time to move on and discuss what is the best strategy to reduce poverty and let the economic grow at the same time.

Pakistan oblivious to child rights

Dawn-30/11/2010 Twelve–year–old Tehmina and her elder sister left Rahimyar Khan to work as domestic workers in Islamabad. On July 30 this year when she asked for salary to celebrate Eid at home, her ‘educated’ employers instead beat up Tehmina and threw her over the terrace breaking her backbone. Tehmina will never walk again. Tehmina’s sister, Samina, recounting the horrible incident, said, “I sat with my sister in the porch from about 10am to 2pm, when the employer’s sister came and took us to the hospital, but by then the harm had been done. Now my sister is bedridden, unable to move.” To save themselves from trial and punishment, the employers made an out of court settlement.

Sham democracy

Fakir S Ayazuddin Politics in Pakistan has come to a grinding halt with the lukewarm statement emanating from Raiwind that the Lion does not wish to disturb the system, for fear of bringing down the existing setup. It is a setup which allows the PPP to continue its rampage across the country with the help of the corrupt officials it has appointed at every level. We, for our part, have been trapped by the politicians, and nothing short of a radical change can remove them now.

Guillotine and Governance

By Awaam Does anyone remember a certain French Queen who famously said ‘well if they do not have bread to eat, why don’t they eat the cake?’. Anyone who knows this will also know what her fate was.  Marie Antoinette ended with her head on that famous French chopping block – guillotine. Neat, instant and bloody. Why am I reminded of this early in the morning?

What is Blasphemy?

By Awaam Blasphemy, in its literal meanings, is defined as a behaviour or language expressing disrespect for God or for something sacred The issue of blasphemy, highlighted again by the recent banning of certain websites in Pakistan, has caught the attention of everyone again, through debates on media. I also read and heard different versions of thought on the issues of blasphemy. While due to the rapid transmission of the message throughout the country, and due to pressure generated by the  perceived angry reaction( read road demonstrations resulting in injuries, burning , destruction and looting) of the people, authorities were keen to ban the sites within a few hours. On the other side, it also gave birth to a serious question in my mind that ‘what the hell is blasphemy’ indeed?

Toxic toys on sale

By Faiza Ilyas Monday, 01 Mar, 2010 KARACHI: Laboratory tests carried out on a number of imported toys randomly collected from city markets have shown that they contain high levels of toxic metals and chemicals. While these toxic materials can cause a wide range of health disorders in case of human exposure, there exists no system in the city at any level to check contamination in toys, whether manufactured locally, imported or smuggled in. Also, there are no Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority guidelines specifically on toys to ensure children’s safety, an investigation carried out by Dawn has revealed. The tests on toys were conducted at Karachi University’s centralised science laboratory. The toxic elements include lead, cadmium and various types of phthalates. The 14 tested samples included eight soft toys and six hard ones. The toxic ingredients were found not only in the plastic material the toys were made from, but also in the thin coating of spray paint that is used to paint them. The prices of the imported toys ranged from Rs20 …

NA 55 Elections

By Awaam There are a lot of things happening in Pakistan at the moment. However, every one’s attention seems to be directed towards the highly anticipated elections of NA 55. Today, on 24th of February, 2010 people of Rawalpindi will finally cast their votes and decide not only the fate of the candidates but of themselves as well. In the past few days Streets of Rawalpindi had been crammed by the fervor of the vigorous campaigning of some hopeful and many not-so-hopeful candidates representing several political parties. The 22 candidates belonging to PML, PTI, AML, JI, ANP etc and several independent candidates have tried their best to convince the people in these past few days. Now it is for people of Rawalpindi to decide who they want to chose as their next leader (for some time). NA 55 is politically considered a crucial seat. There are 334,269 registered voters in NA-55, including 183,507 men and 150,762 women. 250 polling stations have been setup containing 597 polling booths. Therefore, we at V21 decided to conduct our …