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1 Billion Rupees for Flood Relief – not Monument

To:  Pakistan Government & Supreme Court of Pakistan Syeda Iqbal ( It has come to the attention of the people of Pakistan that a plan has been approved by the Government for the construction of a monument in Islamabad for our former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. It has also come to the attention of the people of Pakistan that the overall cost of this monument will be close to Rs.1 Billion. We, the people of Pakistan, hereby state that we expressly and unequivocally oppose this plan.

Mai Jori

The column was published in The News on 12th March 2010 Harris Khalique Habib Jalib wrote a poem for Benazir Bhutto when she came back to Pakistan in 1986 to lead the struggle against General Zia’s rule of darkness. It was titled “Aik Nihatti Larki” (One unarmed girl). He highlighted the fears of the powerful, the omnipotent dictator and the coterie of undignified men who surrounded him. They were fearful of a frail young woman, physically frail but mentally stronger than mountains in her resolve to bring change to her country. It was a replay of an earlier struggle launched by the political workers of this country led by the sister of the founder of Pakistan, Fatima Jinnah. The otherwise weak, old woman stood up to take on General Ayub Khan, the man responsible for sowing the seeds of military dictatorship in the country. The status of both these women transcends their party affiliations and many of us consider them our common heroes. For the same reason, Mai Jori, the peasant woman who ran for …


By Dr. Khalil Ahmad The demagogue is usually sly, a detractor of others, a professor of humility and disinterestedness, a great stickler for equality as respects all above him, a man who acts in corners, and avoids open and manly expositions of his course, calls blackguards gentlemen, and gentlemen folks, appeals to passions and prejudices rather than to reason, and is in all respects, a man of intrigue and deception, of sly cunning and management. [James Fenimore Cooper, 1789-1851] The populist stance of the Pakistan Peoples Party was manifest from the very beginning. It is only now in the wake of the NRO’s birth and death that the perils of it have started showing up. This has put the whole lot of its leadership and workers against all that is known as morality, law and the present Pakistan. What damage it is going to inflict on the nation and the country and the magnitude of it is no guesswork!

The return of Yazid

By Nadeem F. Paracha After enjoying a little more than two years of relative peace, Karachi was rudely dragged back on the mutilated map of terror today [yesterday]. A single suicide bomber managed to slip his dynamite strapped body inside a large procession of Shia mourners on Karachi’s M A Jinnah Road and blow himself up, killing and injuring dozens of innocent people, including some security men who were patrolling the fringes of the procession. The attack has come as a rude shock to the citizens of Karachi and the Sindh province who had been witnessing horrific scenes of similar carnage perpetrated by extremists in the mosques and markets of Punjab and NWFP, and had, for the last couple of years, been somewhat spared from the madness that the terrorists have been displaying in the country, especially ever since 2003. Although the Taliban have yet to claim responsibility for the attack – and given Karachi’s history, the attacker may well hail from one of the banned sectarian outfits that have long been established in the …

For Every Decent Human Being

By Bilal Qureshi Isn’t it time? For every decent human being, it is sickening to see people being butchered the way human beings are slaughtered in Pakistan these days. Human life has no respect or value for barbaric animals responsible for these bombings and suicide attacks. And if the news of bombings and killing was not enough, I was horrified to learn that Lahore’s commissioner (incorrectly) blames India for these attacks while Punjab’s law minister (correctly) believes that the thugs being smoked out from Swat and Wazirstan are actually behind these attacks to force the government to back down. Isn’t it time for Pakistan to get united? Isn’t it time stop obsessing about India? Isn’t it time to be realistic?

PPP Minister says ‘Corruption is our Right’

TeethMaestro Watch this Youtube video of a TV show where one Peoples Party Minsiter actually says in a discussion with full confidence that corruption is ‘our right’, if the elected parties dont do corruption then its their own loss. So much for the facade of denying that any party was ever involved in corruption, might this minister and his fellow corrupt party men, want to lobby for a bill in the parliament to legalize corruption?? The answer might be a resounding yes, when everyone does it, why not legalize it, hence the people who don’t, might be better of being labelled absconders of the law.  Watch this youtube video and weep, Gaad can only Bless Pakistan


  from FreePakistan Newsletter published by Alternate Solutions Institute STRANGE AILMENTS [Dr Irfan Zafar, Islamabad] The western world seems to be wasting all its energies and resources to find cure for so many diseases without realizing that there is an easy way to cure these ailments in a very short period of time. Our leaders are a living proof of this miracle whereas when under detention, a long list of ailments surface which enable them to spend their days in captivity in the comfortable VVIP wards of the Hospitals. However, the moment they come in power, all these ailments simply vanish as if they never existed. When will the western world learn from us to save millions of dollars spent on medical research. [Pakistan Observer] ADVANCING CLOCKS [Dr Irfan Zafar, Islamabad] The government has announced that clocks will be set back by one hour on Nov 1. I request the government to advance clocks to the date when the present assemblies are expected to complete their five-year tenure. For a change let’s do something productive …