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Agar kaan ka haadisa hamaary yahaan hota….!!!

This has been sent to us by a dear friend. Enjoy ! ya dil jilayay ! The rescue of the Chilean miners trapped 600 feet below the earth for almost 70 days was really dramatic and moving. It got me thinking, what the situation might have been had these miners been Pakistanis….. Rehman Malik  would have announced within the first few moments of the incident that all the miners were dead, only to retract his statement later. Zardari would go off to France to wine and dine at his chateau. The Prime Minster would have come out with the statement that if such an accident had really taken place, he was not aware of it. Nawaz Sharif would first join hands with the PPP in saving the lives of the miners and then turn against his “bhai” alleging that this was a plot to gain votes. Imran Khan would be blaming the Americans for the collapse of the mine. Altaf Hussain would want the government to hand over the rescue operation to the army. Ejaz …

Guillotine and Governance

By Awaam Does anyone remember a certain French Queen who famously said ‘well if they do not have bread to eat, why don’t they eat the cake?’. Anyone who knows this will also know what her fate was.  Marie Antoinette ended with her head on that famous French chopping block – guillotine. Neat, instant and bloody. Why am I reminded of this early in the morning?

Pakistan and Democracy – Time to Be Realistic?

By Asim Salahuddin Its that time in Pakistani politics again, where after roughly two years of coming to power the ‘elected’ and ‘democratic’ regime is once again under threat of being thrown out on one charge of misdemeanour or another. It would really be a lot simpler in one sense if we all just accepted that Pakistan is going to have elections after two years rather than four; it would make the pretence of transparent and accountable rule a bit easier to swallow. At least the people would feel they have some power whilst the new overlords are installed after receiving their political baptism in Washington. The only drawback with this sort of plan is that the ‘disgraced’ politicians who are regularly recycled in Pakistan would not have had enough time out in the ‘sin-bin’ for their transgressions to make them palatable enough for the people to accept them as rulers again.

Waziristan Strategy or Pakistan Strategy?

The battle in Waziristan is variously called “the mother of all battles”, war of ideas and the war for the meaning of Pakistan. Whatever one may call it, there is a little doubt that this is the most important battle Pakistan has ever been engaged in. we hereby present, in two parts, an analysis of how this battle became unavoidable and attempt to present a comprehensive strategy that is required for winning this war. Waziristan today has come to symbolize the paradigm in which Pakistan finds itself. An epicentre of ‘terrorism’, a symbol of ‘Talibanization’ and now a field for what has been euphemistically called ‘mother of all battles’. Pakistan and Waziristan were not always like this. How we have come to this pass is crucial to analyse, but even more urgent is to assess that are we prepared enough to win this battle? Is this just a battle or a war? Is the battle confined to South Waziristan? What are the implications beyond Waziristan? What lies beyond the battle? What will happen after South …

How Do People of Pakistan reply? Lets March on Them

The twin suicide blasts in Islamic International University in Islamabad has resulted in the killing of five people today. At first glance the attack leaves one puzzled and confused as to the motive of the attackers. Why Islamic University? Why Hijaab clad girls? But stand back and reflect for a moment and it all becomes crystal clear. The message is loud and plain. If the terrorists can target the Abaya and  naqab wearing women in the Islamic University, then they can kill anyone, at any point. Its a loud warning shot to the People of Pakistan. They have shown once again that their main strategy is to maim and kill ruthlessly. The purpose is to cause fear and expand this fear deliberately so that it acts as a restraint from daily life to critical decision making. It is to traumatize, pressurize and psychologically terrorize people, by creating pain, anguish, remorse, anger and fear. For a terrorist morality of an act is not justified by consequences but by motivations. This act is a clear attempt to make …

Zardari asks party leaders to defend Kerry-Lugar

Dawn ISLAMABAD, Oct 6: President Asif Ali Zardari has urged PPP leaders and ministers to vigorously respond to criticism of party and government’s policies by political adversaries. “We have been elected by the people through a democratic and constitutional process and our legitimacy coupled with good governance should be the chief weapons to fight back the opponents,” he said while addressing top party leadership at the Presidency during a discussion on the current domestic political situation on Monday night.