Month: November 2012

Why Petraeus’s Affair Matters (but Bill Clinton’s Didn’t)

Which institution is respected most in United States … Read the last line and think why ?… This article was published in The Atlantic Monthly … [Awaam] In the military, there’s very little distinction between public and private life. Brendan McDermid/Reuters Along with millions who have lived and worked with members of the military, I was shocked when General Petraeus resigned on Friday. While it’s a personal tragedy, it’s only one of a number of body blows our military community has absorbed over the past couple of years. One blow: concerns about the erosion of the military family. Another: scandals (sexual, financial or otherwise) dogging our military’s leaders. All of this is occurring as our country fights two major wars, one still ongoing. These are intimately interconnected issues that, taken together, make me wonder whether we are seeing the warning signs of a military stretched to its breaking point.

What High School Taught Millennials About the War on Terrorism By Conor Friedersdorf

This piece published in the respected American magazine The Atlantic Monthly, tells how lies are being taught to American children about the so called War on Terror , in their History Books…… Perhaps a lesson for Pakistani Liberalists , who continuously claim that Pakistan’s History is distorted …. Please take note what beacon of democracy, truth and justice does to Truth… What it does to Democracy and Justice we see it every day live . The threat can be eliminated, the Patriot Act was uncontroversial, and Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Reuters Some time ago, I got curious about what the high school kids are reading these days in history class. A quick consultation with a few teacher friends led me to The American Vision by Professors Joyce Appleby, Alan Brinkley, Albert Broussard, James McPhereson, and Donald Ritchie. It’s one of the most popular American history textbooks aimed at eleventh grade students. As I understand it, the 2003 copy I hold in my hands would’ve been used in a typical classroom for five to …

Connected but alone

By: Dr Irfan Zafar Self-containment, introversion and loneness are just some of the fallouts of our changing lifestyles that define our computer networked bonding, instead of creating human chains. Humans are not digital; making them one will destroy whatever humanity they are left with.   Electronic devices have made life quite easy, especially when it comes to the special occasions of Eid. One wakes up in the morning and starts writing a very long “generic” sms (short message service) full of love and compassion for the humanity at large and for the recipient in particular; generally copied and pasted from the vast knowledge database of the Internet.

Sacrifice or sacrilege?

Muhammad Harun   Another Eid is here, another hajj performed … In pre-Islamic times the years were measured from hajj tohajj amongst the Arabs, ever since the times of the prophet Ibrahim – upon whom be peace – who had originally initiated it as a rite at the Behest of God. This was so, because, apart from its tremendous spiritual significance and meaning, it was probably the most spectacular socio-economic event in the annual course of the desert life, or rather, it became that in the course of time. Originally there was none of that; it was a pure ritual of worship without any worldly diversions from its exclusively spiritual nature. Like everything else, however, within the matrix of the time-space continuum of phenomenal existence, its spiritual purity was not to last.