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Part I- What does it mean to be modern?

Here is a series of blogs exploring what it means to be a modern Pakistani Muslim.  The literary meaning of modern is “Relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past”. By looking at the definition we can easily conclude that modern means adopting all new and trendy things moving in the society. This conclusion however is superficial and wrong.The true meaning of modern may not match this hasty and sup racial conclusion as its meaning varies from person to person and in various different contexts.

Ibn Khaldun, Islam’s Man for All Seasons

By Benedikt Koehler Tensions tearing at the basis of Islamic societies are never more acute than when stoked in the name of Islam. Idealists invoking Islam as a lever for change spark upheavals that time and again hand power to cynics. Looking for an explanation why Islamic societies wallow in paralysis, some suggest Islamic societies stagnate because Islam itself does not admit of contemplating change in society, that Islam, to put it simply, comes without a toolkit for handling social change. To think so is tempting – but wrong.

نماز اور ہم

زویا شبیر پانچ وقت اپنے جسم کو وضو کے پانی سے پاک کرنا اور خدا کے سامنےسر بسجود ہونا ۔ہم کتابوں میں پڑھتے ہیں بڑوں سے سنتے ہیں ۔نماز  ہر مسلمان مرد عورت پر فرض کی گئ ہے تاکہ ہم اپنی ذندگی کو دنیا اور آخرت میں آسان بنا سکیں ۔ اسلام کے مطابق نماز  دوزخ کی آگ سے بچاتی ہے اور برے اور بے حیائی کے کاموں سے روکتی ہے ۔لیکن کچھ لوگوں کو نماز  کی حقیقت یا تو پتہ ہی نہیں اور اگر پتہ ہے تو پتہ ہونے کے باوجود وہ اللہ کے بتائے ہوئے اصولوں اور عبادت کی آڑ میں کچھ ایسے شرمناک اور ناگوار کام کر جاتے ہیں جس کے بعد کم از کم ان کو خدا کے عبادت  گزار بندے کہنا تو بالکل مناسب نہیں ہے۔آیئے میں آپ کو ایک ایسے آدمی کی عبادت سے متعارف کرواتی ہوں

Legacy of tolerance

Published in Dawn, October 10th, 2014 By Anwar Abbas The writer is a freelance contributor with an interest in religion. UNCONTROLLED violence manifests itself at different points and in vastly different ways. Violence today suggests that tolerance is at a breaking point. Scratch the apparently God-fearing, ritualised and placid life of the 180 million or so people of this Muslim country and you will find a tangle of envy, suspicion, hatred and many insatiable animosities.

ایک سادہ سوال

Awaam جہاں کل کا  روز نبی کریمؑ کی شان میں گستاخی کے خلاف احتجاج کے طور پر منایا گیا وہاں ھم مسلمانوں کو ایک دِن اور منانا چاہیے جسمیںیہ سوچا جائے کہ ہم رسولؑ کی سنت اور دینِ رسولؑ کے پیروکار کے طور پر ہر روز صبح سے شام تک شانِ رسول میں کتنی گستاخیاں کرتے ہیں، ان میں سے چند ایک تو ایسی ہیں جسکا سامنا ہم سبھی کرتے ھیں

The Innocence of Muslims”: Blasphemy as a Political Tactic

Thierry Meyssan The circulation on the Internet of the trailer for a film, The Innocence of Muslims, sparked demonstrations across the world and resulted in the killing in Benghazi of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and members of his entourage. *        *        * At first glance, these events can be located in the long line leading from Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses to the burnings of the Koran by Pastor Terry Jones. Nevertheless, this new attack differs from other incidents in that the film was not directed at a Western audience but instead was uniquely conceived as an instrument of provocation directed at Muslims.

The Ethics of Ramazan

By Mehwish Mushtaq The Messenger of Allah (saw) addressed his companions on the last day of Sha`ban, saying, “Oh people! A great month has come over you; a blessed month; a month in which is a night better than a thousand months; month in which Allah has made it compulsory upon you to fast by day, and voluntary to pray by night. Whoever draws nearer (to Allah) by performing any of the (optional) good deeds in (this month) shall receive the same reward as performing an obligatory deed at any other time, and whoever discharges an obligatory deed in (this month) shall receive the reward of performing seventy obligations at any other time. It is the month of patience, and the reward of patience is Heaven. It is the month of charity, and a month in which a believer’s sustenance is increased. Whoever gives food to a fasting person to break his fast shall have his sins forgiven, and he will be saved from the Fire of Hell, and he shall have the same reward …