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1 Billion Rupees for Flood Relief – not Monument

To:  Pakistan Government & Supreme Court of Pakistan Syeda Iqbal ( It has come to the attention of the people of Pakistan that a plan has been approved by the Government for the construction of a monument in Islamabad for our former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. It has also come to the attention of the people of Pakistan that the overall cost of this monument will be close to Rs.1 Billion. We, the people of Pakistan, hereby state that we expressly and unequivocally oppose this plan.

These babies urgently need your help

Dr. Awab Alvi takes you through a walk-thru tour of the Pediatric ward at the Civil Hospital Shikarpur to show the deplorable conditions. The ward looks after only the most severe cases. There are three natal wards with a total of 20 beds, which now hold over 100 children. Some generous donor had air-conditioners installed, making it barely livable. Once you walk out of the rooms, the stench and the heat of the hallway is unimaginable. Toilets down the hall are over-flooding beyond belief. Team members from OffroadPakistan visited the ward, and desperately want to make a difference. They need help to raise funds and expertise to save the lives of these gentle little kids. Dreaming big, they hope to revamp the entire Civil Hospital in this area, as a long-lasting measure for this impoverished city. Video of the conditions of a Pediatric ward in Shikarpur

The World’s Biggest Emergency- Gordon Brown on Huffington Post

Gordon Brown Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom We can’t carry on like this: an emergency of incredible proportions only half funded; vital days used up talking about aid fatigue — and what we have not done — instead of urgent need — what we now have to do. The Pakistan floods are the world’s biggest emergency — 60,000 square miles under water, 20 million people displaced, 14 million in need of emergency health care, six million short of food, two and a half million homeless. It is a tragedy whose book of names of lives lost, presumed dead, will never be complete. And my abiding image is of the outstretched hand of a young child begging for food that will arrive too late.

Pakistan Floods: Why Should We Care?

Ethan Casey Yesterday a non-Pakistani friend here in Seattle emailed me: “I wanted to ask you which you think would be the best organization to make a donation to for the current crisis in Pakistan . We usually give to MSF, but their website doesn’t seem to offer the opportunity to give specifically for Pakistan . Can you offer advice?” This friend is British and greatly prefers British media outlets, but I need to believe that there are many Americans who also want to help flood victims in Pakistan – or who would want to, if they knew the scale and severity of the disaster.

Flood Relief Incident Reporting goes live- Teeth Maestro

The past seven days Faisal Chohan a TEDFellow has been feverishly working to establish an incident reporting website at to monitor the flooding situation in Pakistan. This is technically a Ushahidi platform connected to an SMS shortcode allowing people with cell phones to give live updates of issue on the ground. Ideally this incident reporting portal should then be used by humanitarian relief organizations to adequately divert resources where needed. To submit an incident all you need to do is to end message Type FL “Your needs/ situation/emergency” and send it to FL 3441. It will cost the user Rs. 2.00 per message. You can also send the report to or fill out this incident reporting form on the website. After proper verification of the incident which may even mean calling the incident reporter back it shall be shared with the world. Read more about his effort at the TED Fellows Blog. He is slowly ironing out the bugs with tremendous cooperation from the International community of technologists and an amazing team on …