Month: October 2012


For quite some time, we see important issues and incidents taking place in our country passing through the phases of the reactionary cycle and ending up with a question mark on them. By the virtue of media proliferation and the cut throat competition in breaking the news and opinion branding, We, the awaam, often stand confused about the facts. The gust of news and various opinions typically exhaust us of the matter and soon after we become indifferent to it.  But in the process what we turn our backs on is the real abuse of someone’s right hard pressed under the heap of manipulations. It is right that in present times unfortunately nothing has been left simple to understand due to the politicization and mediatization of even irrelevant issues, yet it’s our right and duty to identify the wrong and call it so. The murderous attack on Malala Yousafzai is the latest of such incidents. In relation to that here we are sharing an article written by our team member for our readers to form …

‘Thank you, my dear Pakistan’

Dawn 27 October 2012 Jetha Nand Rahi MOST of the times we read and talk all the stuff that is against our sweet homeland. Here, I tell you a true story that is to thank Pakistan. I was born in a very poor family in 1952 in Mirpurkhas district. My maternal uncles were educated up to the final class (i.e., equal to Class VII).

The conflict between Pakistan’s lived and imagined culture

Mohammad A. Qadeer millions of people in Pakistan who take bribes, cheat their customers, exploit servants, put the life and safety of others at risk, adulterate food and medicines, grab land and appropriate others’ properties? Most Pakistanis would say that they, as well as other Muslims, are morally superior, unlike those Indians, Christian, Jews and Godless westerners. From these moral roots spring the daily crop of brutality, mayhem, corruption, and violence against minorities. Consider the sorry state of our morals where even the day designated to express our love for the Prophet turns into an occasion for  looting, burning and killing.

اس شہر میں خواب مت دیکھو۔۔۔

طارق بھٹی جًون آف آرک پندرھویں صدی کی دوسری دہائی میں مشرقی فرانس کے ایک کسان کے گھر پیدا ہوئی۔ وہ بچیپن سے ہی بہادری، شجاعت اور قربانی کے جذبات سے معمور تھی۔ وہ بشارتوں پر یقین رکھتی تھی۔ وہ ھاتف غیب سے آنے والے امید افزا پیغامات نہ صرف سنتی تھی بلکہ ان پر یقین بھی کرتی تھی۔ وہ اپنے وطن کو غلامی سے نجات دلانا چاہتی تھی۔ وہ شکستہ دل اور شکستہ پا فوجی دستوں میں فتح مندی کی نئی روح پھونکنا چاہتی تھی۔ فرانس کی خوشھالی اور آذادی کے خواب اسے ستاتے تھے۔ جًون آف آرک ابھی لڑکپن کی دہلیز سے جوانی کی شاہراہ کی طرف گامزن ہی ہوئی تھی کہ اس نے شاہ فرانس سے ملنے کا فیصلہ کیا۔ ۱۹ سالہ خوبرو دہقان ذادی کہ جس کی پرورش مشرقی فرانس کے ایک دیہاتی پس منظر میں ہوئی اور اس کے والدین سادہ اور خداترس زندگی بسر کر تے تھے۔ ایک دن شاہ فرانس کے دربار میں جا پہنچی اور کہنے لگی : مجھے لڑاکا فوجی دستوں کے ساتھ جنگ کے محاذ …

A Note by SLP Student

Waqas Khan is a student of the Speed Literacy Program at Vision21. He is 15 years old and he work in a motor workshop. Waqas has written a note on the day of Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool (SAW), stating his views on how do we understand Islam as a religion and what is the importance of the lifestyle our Prophet (SAW) has professed through out his life.