Month: October 2014

Caliphs and capitalism

Cross post from IEA Benedikt Koehler 22 October 2014 George Bush, a New England minister, explained the term ‘caliph’ came from ‘the Hebrew chalaph; to be changed, to succeed, to pass round in a revolution’. This definition from his Life of Mohammed in 1831 had not been bettered even by the time his collateral descendants in the White House were similarly preoccupied with getting to grips with Islam. Now, caliphal precedents once more are being invoked and it makes sense to have a fresh look at what they were. Finding a successor to Muhammad, and a title for his office, was a delicate undertaking because Muhammad before he died had not said who should succeed him or how a successor should be chosen. Hence there was ample room for competition between rival candidates and also over what the incumbent would be entitled to do. The title caliph emerged within a day of Muhammad’s demise, henceforth a designation conferred on whoever claimed supreme authority in Islam until in 1924 it seemed to have disappeared together with …

قربانی خدا کے لیے؟ 

Awaam زویا شبیر ہم لوگ لفظ قربانی کا استعمال کثرت سے کرتے ہیں ۔کبھی یہ قربانی مال کی ،کبھی جان کی ،کبھی جزبات کی،کبھی نفس کی  اور کبھی احساسات کی ہوتی  ہے ۔لیکن ہر دفعہ اس لفظ کا استعمال موزوں جگہ پر نہیں ہوتا ۔ہم لفظ قربانی کہتے تو ہیں لیکن اس کا استعمال کرتے ہوئے حقیقت کو پسِ پردہ ڈال دیتے ہیں ۔

Legacy of tolerance

Published in Dawn, October 10th, 2014 By Anwar Abbas The writer is a freelance contributor with an interest in religion. UNCONTROLLED violence manifests itself at different points and in vastly different ways. Violence today suggests that tolerance is at a breaking point. Scratch the apparently God-fearing, ritualised and placid life of the 180 million or so people of this Muslim country and you will find a tangle of envy, suspicion, hatred and many insatiable animosities.