Month: December 2010

Of Probability and Faith

Dawn By Iftikhar U. Hyder THE contribution of the early Muslims to the development of mathematical ideas is widely recognised among scholars and well documented. From the development of Arabic numerals to the invention of algebra, their contribution is indisputable. In his landmark book on the development of risk management, Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk, Peter Bernstein asked why was it that despite early Muslims’ impressive achievements in mathematics and their advanced mathematical ideas they did not proceed to develop probability and risk management. The answer, he believed, lies in their view of the world.

The conflict about the Jinnah’s Vision for Pakistan

By Awaam On all the national holidays of Pakistan, different events and programs are held for reflection about these special days. The issue of the nature of the state in Pakistan and the vision of Jinnah about its nature, remains contentious. People on different sides of the ideology divide in Pakistan, have different views about what Jinnah wanted Pakistan to be. The main field for battle is whether he wanted an ‘Islamic’ state (mostly meant in Ziaist terms ) or a Secular one. Many people first claim that Islam makes the basis of the creation of the Pakistan; and they then present their own version of Islam which they ‘demand’ to be imposed on all and sundry. On the opposite side are those who claim that Pakistan was never meant to be a ‘theocracy’ and since being Islamic means theocratic, they suggest secularism as an alternative to it, with strict separation of state and religion. Since the start of so-called war on terrorism, this battle has become even more heated and intense and sometimes it …

Good News

By Awaam It always feels great whenever we come to know about a positive development taking place in our country. Particularly since the everyday routine stories in the media and what goes on in our surroundings are not often very positive. We see that the news of corruption, economic decay, increasing social evils, crime and backwardness have overshadowed the positive news about Pakistan. So is that all the reality or is it an over projection of the pessimistic mindset?

Hussain- The Light against Tyranny of Mind

By Awaam Al Hussain o Minni Wa Ana Minal Hussain “Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain” [26] Al-Tirmidhi, II, 306. This Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (saw), which is agreed by Sunni and Shia traditions, is etched in the memories of thousands of minds. The prophet said that Hussain was from him that is quite understandable as Hussain (AS) was his grandchild. But why did the Prophet say ‘I am from Hussain (AS)’? We believe that what happened at Karbala provides the answer of this question.

Zaynab- The Hidden Light of Karbala

By Azhar Aslam and Shaista Kazmi (Though they consider themselves Humans first and then Muslims, Azhar has Sunni background and Shaista comes from a Shia family) In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful….. Allah says:  “Then the end of those who do evil deeds is that they reject the verses of Allah and ridicule them”.  (Quran 30:10)…. Oh Yazid! Do you think that by making us prisoners in such a way….. – do you think that by this you have humiliated us in the sight of Allah and have earned respect for yourself?! This apparent success of yours is the result of grandeur of your might and lofty status for which you are proud…. You feel that you have conquered the whole world and your affairs are organised and that our domain is now under you control… And are you forgetting that Allah has said: “Surely those who have bought unbelief at the price of faith shall do no harm at all to Allah, and they shall have a painful chastisement”.  (Quran 3:177) These …

Human Rights and Blasphemy in Pakistan

By Awaam Today, Human Rights Day is being observed all around the world. Every year, on the 10th of December, this day is celebrated to acknowledge and honor, United Nations’ adoption of ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’, sixty two years ago in 1948. The theme for commemoration is different every year. This year’s theme identifies the struggle and sacrifices of Human Rights activists around the world, who risk their lives to safeguard rights of the others, against violence, women abuse, child abuse, physical torture, religious and gender discrimination etc.

Blaochistan Crisis-Insurgency and ‘Geo-Politics of Energy Resources’

This Blog post is an extract from our research paper ‘Balochistan Crisis: Problem’s and Solution”. In the paper we have tried to analyse the issues and factors, which gave rise to the conflicts which have continued to fester and periodically given rise to the revolts and insurgencies resulting into the present crisis in the province, highlighting the recommendations for the urgent action in order to eradicate the root causes of the long standing conflict. [click on the title to read the complete paper on our website] History of the conflicts Controversies involving the areas comprising Balochistan date back to the establishment of the Durand Line in 1893, that divided Pashtun and Baluch tribes living in Afghanistan from those living in what later became Pakistan. Afghanistan vigorously protested the inclusion of Pashtun and Baluch areas within Pakistan without providing the inhabitants with an opportunity for self-determination.