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NRO Order, CJ or 18th Amendment

Barrister Amjad Malik 16 December 2010 Supreme Court order on NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) has shattered the ruling govt which was standing on the 4 pillars of this barter orchestrated by military & Pentagon , USA &UK and (PPP) Pak people party leadership which is clutching and hanging on to a straw now. Instead of whole heartedly, understanding the tenacity of situation and implementing the order by realigning politically based on reality, the leadership went for hit and run ditto of their predecessor General Musharraf who sacked the chief justice who was considering a petition on his Presidential election in military uniform.


By Dr. Khalil Ahmad The demagogue is usually sly, a detractor of others, a professor of humility and disinterestedness, a great stickler for equality as respects all above him, a man who acts in corners, and avoids open and manly expositions of his course, calls blackguards gentlemen, and gentlemen folks, appeals to passions and prejudices rather than to reason, and is in all respects, a man of intrigue and deception, of sly cunning and management. [James Fenimore Cooper, 1789-1851] The populist stance of the Pakistan Peoples Party was manifest from the very beginning. It is only now in the wake of the NRO’s birth and death that the perils of it have started showing up. This has put the whole lot of its leadership and workers against all that is known as morality, law and the present Pakistan. What damage it is going to inflict on the nation and the country and the magnitude of it is no guesswork!

PAKISTAN BEWARE – India’s thirst is making us all wet

Published in NewScientist 03 October 2009 New Scientist discusses how Water is being sucked up in North India at astronomical rates. This is having considerable negative impact on the height of water tables in the area. Considering there exists a serious water dispute between Pakistan and India, and that how India has used its ‘water muscle’ in the past in an attempt to choke Pakistan, this reading is alarming for Pakistan. ONE nation’s thirst for groundwater is having an impact on global sea levels. Satellite measurements show that northern India is sucking some 54 trillion litres of water out of the ground every year. This is threatening a major water crisis and adding to global sea level rise.

SC to frame guidelines for CCP to fix sugar price

By Nasir Iqbal ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court seized with the sticky issue of sugar price expressed keenness on Thursday to authorise the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) to fix the price of sugar instead of leaving it to market forces. A three-judge bench comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja and Justice Ghulam Rabbani hearing identical appeals of the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association and the Punjab Sugar Association against the Lahore High Court verdict requiring Punjab government to ensure the sale of sugar at Rs40 per kg in the province, said it would frame guidelines to supervise the CCP and safeguard interests of all sections, especially consumers, instead of leaving them at the mercy of the commission.

Power with Responsibility

By Haris Gazdar Thursday, 06 Aug, 2009 | 12:24 AM PST THE Supreme Court’s ruling on July 31 striking down some of the actions taken by former President Musharraf as unconstitutional has been hailed as historic. This is hyperbole. What is more important is how the judges and their supporters plan to use the power they are acquiring with respect to the key challenges facing the state and society. The constitutional petitions before the Supreme Court related to the legality of judicial appointments during the 16-month period when Mr Iftikhar Chaudhry had been removed from his position as chief justice. The court ruled these judicial appointments to be illegal. The jobs of 110 judges of the higher courts were put on the line. In effect, a few judges of the Supreme Court gave themselves veto power over the composition of the higher judiciary as a whole. Those declared as ‘non-judges’ included not only the so-called PCO judges but also all those judges appointed to the higher courts between Nov 3, 2007 and March 22, 2009.

The Battle Has Already Begun!

Dr. Khalil Ahmad Pity on us who live in a country where state and government and its institutions are nothing but instruments in the hands of an alliance of elite classes composed of top military brass, civil bureaucracy, politicians of all hues – religious or non-religious, leadership of political parties, big business houses, big landlords, electronic and print media bosses and big journalists, to amass wealth and enjoy luxury at the expense of hapless people, there we the ordinary citizens can only suffer under the most miserable conditions. The present state of electricity-lessness and its non-availability for long hours regardless of the time of day and night, provides us with just one look into the lives of us, the Les Miserables of this land. Everyone can imagine that electric power is such a necessity without which daily and routine life turns into living in a desert with no shelter from the blazing sun overhead and the hot sands underneath. Out of a plethora of other such evidences some are so common that they cannot escape …