Month: December 2015

Quaid’s Islam- Quaid’s Pakistan

Today is 25th December, the birth anniversary of the founder of the nation Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Such days are always meant for reflection. 63 years after the creation of Pakistan where do we stand. Crisis upon crisis engulfs us, to the extent that people are questioning the very viability of the state. The core of the problem is failure to achieve and define the Identity of Pakistan.

The Legacy of Mohammad ﷺ is more than a 12 day celebration

Shaaista Kazmi Every year Rabiul Awwal changes the way places look around me. The dark streets are decorates with sparkling lights. The dull outlook of the cities become colorful and the sounds of Naat and Salam are heard everywhere. Altogether it is a joyful environment and makes everyone who sees this feel good. Beneath the lantern of lights, in a car parking area in my street, there is a dog I see. This dog has been living in there for half a decade. The owner of the parking lot does not own the dog but has been enjoying its services to watch the cars when he sleeps relaxed in the night. The dog is badly sick for past many days. I asked the owner indirectly what he was going to do about the dog, he said when it dies he will throw him in the space where garbage is dumped. In the loud sounds of Naat they play daily in the evening, the cries and moaning of the dog become faint.